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ThreatModeler™ is the #1 automated threat modeling software solution that strengthens an enterprise’s SDLC by identifying, predicting, and defining threats across all applications and devices in the operational IT stack. Security and DevOps teams are empowered to make proactive decisions from holistic views and data analytics of their attack surface, enabling enterprises to minimize their overall risk.

As cyber attacks continually evolve, CISOs and security stakeholders are closely evaluating investments into threat modeling software to proactively protect their attack surface.

Threat modeling software allows organizations to model their internal infrastructure or DevOps environment for a holistic view of vulnerabilities and potential entry points for cyber threats. From there, security and DevOps teams can reduce cyber risk contribution and proactively mitigate threats before they occur.

Redefining Threat Modeling Software Expectations

CISOs, InfoSec teams, and DevOps teams are often faced with threat modeling challenges from commonly used solutions. These include tedious manual threat modeling processes, lack of real-time visibility into the attack surface, and flexibility of use and understanding between security stakeholders.

But now, modern threat modeling solutions are redefining expectations of this security practice by incorporating revolutionary software features and functionalities. Organizations can now achieve threat modeling with actionable outcomes, ease of implementation, scalability across the IT ecosystem, and improved efficiencies in order to maximize ROI.

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To improve operational efficiencies and scalability, threat modeling solutions should encompass the three pillars of a scalable threat modeling practice: automation, integration, and collaboration. With these advancements, users can quick apply changes, integrate systems, and duplicate and share threat models to streamline operational efficiencies.

Modern threat modeling software should also provide actionable outcomes for security and non-security stakeholders by uniting the operational and application threat modeling processes. By doing this, IT infrastructure and DevOps teams can both easily address security threats and conduct risk assessments throughout the IT ecosystem and SDLC.


ThreatModeler™ is an automated threat modeling software designed to set new standards for the practice of threat modeling to better combat the evolution of cyber threats. Our solution identifies, predicts, and defines threats across all applications and devices in the operational IT stack using real-time threat intelligence.

CISOs and other InfoSec executives gain a comprehensive understanding of their entire attack surface, defense-in-depth strategy, and compensating controls, so they can strategically allocate resources and scale their outputs.

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