ThreatModeler Announces New Patent for IaC-Assist

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Press Release, Threat Modeling Process, Threat Modeling Software, Threat Modeling Tools | 0 comments

First of its kind, ThreatModeler’s newly patented technology solution makes the IaC-Assist a proprietary technology – allowing users to truly shift left.

ThreatModeler, a leader in securing cloud infrastructure from design to deployment, today announced the issuance of their newest patent, which makes the IaC-Assist a proprietary technology. The patent, US Patent No. 20220004645A1, has been issued and granted as of April 26, 2022.

With IaC-Assist, any user can truly shift left as it relates to implementing security within the code. Users can identify, review, and mitigate security flaws while writing the code in real-time – with simply the click of a button and without leaving their coding environment. IaC-Assist creates a more time and cost-efficient solution to the build process, saving developers the hours it would have taken to build designs and review its security.

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