Now in its 22nd year, BlackHat 2019 took place on August 7 and 8 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joining cyber security experts, hackers, researchers, and vendors, ThreatModeler management attended in full force. This was the first year that ThreatModeler sponsored BlackHat, ensuring the industry’s leading threat modeling platform was well represented.

More than 20,000 information security professionals attended to network, inform and educate one another. Key speakers presented on important cyber security subject matter, including research, developments and trends.

Attendees participated in workshops and hands-on trainings. Infosec professionals hosted offensive and defensive skill building exercises, which involved penetration testing, hardware and networks. Additionally, BlackHat participants attended sessions on building your data security career, measuring the performance of your cybersecurity program, and news and updates on the latest in innovative technology

Key Topics Covered at BlackHat 2019

As more organizations adopt cloud storage, cloud risk emerged as one of the most widely talked about topics at BlackHat. Other topics that resonated at BlackHat include:

    • Threat detection and response
    • IoT vulnerabilities and exploitations
    • Endpoint security and shift left “security by design”
    • DevSecOps for the CI/CD pipeline
    • Application and infrastructure security automation


ThreatModeler Had a Strong Presence at BlackHat 2019

Archie Argarwal, CEO of ThreatModeler, who tended to a schedule of nonstop meetings, was pleased with the turnout and everything that was happening at BlackHat:

“I’d like to thank the organizers of BlackHat for putting together a successful conference on information security, where ThreatModeler hosted an interactive booth. There we learned about the very latest in cybersecurity, including trends, innovations and controversies. MC Nguyen, a principal security architect, presented about cloud security architecture. We look forward to attending BlackHat again in 2020.”

MC Nguyen has more than 20 years of experience in cyber security. The subject matter expert spoke about cloud security, (e.g., cryptojacking, insider threats) and challenges to security architecture. MC also focused on the relevance of threat modeling as a main component in a security architecture practice. According to MC, in addition to threat modeling, the key ingredients to a security architecture practice include: a data exposure inventory, a design matrix and accelerators, et al.

MC asserts that ThreatModeler is an ideal platform for automated threat modeling because of its quick, simplified interface that allows users to create a threat model in minutes. ThreatModeler delivers a comprehensive analysis of an enterprise’s threat surface to users in minutes. The ThreatModeler platform helps with cost effectiveness and certainly aids in scaling across an enterprise.

Threatmodeler Platform Is Ideal for Scalability. Here’s Why.

ThreatModeler is packed with features that lend themselves to scalability, including:

Ease-of-use – a security manager, architect and/or other authorized professional can view threat model test cases and make proper sense of them. You can restrict access to ThreatModeler and only allow authorized people to create and review threat models.

Comprehensive and intuitive – ThreatModeler covers networks, web services and cloud infrastructure.

Build upon existing creations – a Wizard allows users with little-to-no technical know how to build a threat model. Users can also save what they have created in a Library, for later use, including to build upon them for more complex threat models. MC will be presenting a webinar for ThreatModeler in the coming months, check this blog for updates.

Jeff Bottari, VP of Sales, says that ThreatModeler left a memorable impression on BlackHat attendees:

“I’ve been to many BlackHats over the years and have not seen a turnout at the ThreatModeler booth like I did at this year’s conference,” says Jeff. The ThreatModeler booth had nonstop traffic, with multiple lines forming throughout the weekend to speak with a ThreatModeler expert. In fact, ThreatModeler logged more than 300 scans of individuals requesting more information, including demos. “You will see a lot of people wearing black ThreatModeler hats in the near future,” Jeff quipped.

ThreatModeler is also excited by the significant presence of students and educators that showed up to BlackHat. A  number of them stopped by the booth. They gained important information regarding threat modeling, including license details for the ThreatModeler Academy, which bestows educators with the ability to teach best practices in threat modeling.

ThreatModeler Continues its Proactive Involvement in the Security Community

Cyber security is a pressing issue that affects all people’s lives. With advances in technology, come the hackers and cyber criminals who are constantly finding new ways to compromise them. Personal privacy, plus the confidential information processed by organizations are at stake. Critical infrastructure safety is a prevailing concern, as the IoT enables increased automation in the operation of vehicles.

As it did at BlackHat 2019, ThreatModeler will be on-hand at key information security events to stay updated on the latest information, news and technological advancements. ThreatModeler is not only aware of the issues. We are also giving back to the cybersecurity community to ensure privacy is protected. Through software development and partnerships with key technology vendors, ThreatModeler is refining a tried-and-true time tested technique known as threat modeling. The organization remains proactive about ensuring that every aspect of a company’s IT ecosystem, including the private information it processes, is protected.



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