As part of our mission, we are dedicated to working with leaders in the threat modeling industry to educate others, while demonstrating our expertise through webinars and workshops.

Threat Modeling for AWS Infrastructure

January 21, 2020, Presented by Alex Bauert, 1:00 PM EST

Join us for this informative webinar, presented in Official Collaboration with AWS. We will dive into the Cloud Development Life Cycle (CDLC) and provide an introduction to threat modeling with our leading ThreatModeler platform. The discussion will serve as a refresher course on the AWS CDLC, and show how ThreatModeler supports it. Discover the benefits, value to your business and how ThreatModeler provides insights into risk management of your AWS environment. We’ll conclude with a brief demonstration and open the session to questions.

Participants Will Learn the:

– Main components of CDLC and how AWS follows the same principles within the context of written code

– Architecture pattern standards 

 repeatability, sustainability, and persistence

– Guidance for vulnerability management assessments

– Advisement for the prioritization of remediation, resolution and mitigation; plus pen testing and attack simulation path

– ThreatModeler-driven Security Epics and acceleration of secure deployment

In addition to the main presentation delivered by Alex Bauert, CISSP, CLSSP  ThreatModeler’s Senior Director, Threat Research Center – the session will feature an AWS Security Expert presentation.

About Alex Bauert

Alex Bauert has more than 25 years of IT experience, with 15 of those years spent in architecture and application security leadership roles. Bauert is currently the Senior Director of ThreatModeler’s Threat Research Center, where he drives the maintenance and updates for the Threat Intelligence Framework. Bauert speaks four languages fluently, and coaches high school and club soccer.

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