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How to Threat Model an AWS Microservices Architecture

October 3, 2019, Presented By Pratik Thakker 

Join ThreatModeler for an informative webinar on how to threat model an AWS Microservices Structure . ThreatModeler is an Advanced Technology Partner with AWS, offering automated threat modeling to secure cloud applications.  Microservices offers unique benefits to development and deployment processes. Discover how a ThreatModeled AWS Microservices Architecture simplifies software application design, and yields flexibility and scalability for DevSecOps teams. Explore best practices on how to apply threat modeling to best understand the unique threats related to your cloud application. In this webinar, participants will learn about ThreatModeler features including:

Assist – continuously checks for newly added or modified AWS components. ThreatModeler automatically places new tasks related to these changes in the Task Pane that reflect any new AWS deployment requirements.

Accelerator – scans an already built AWS VPC workload and builds a model based on the components. ThreatModeler will then update the threat model to reflect any changes to the infrastructure, i.e. the addition or modification of a component.

Wizard – prompts the user to answer key questions in order to determine the security threats and security requirements required in your components layout.

About Pratik Thakker

Pratik Thakker is the Director of Cyber Security at ThreatModeler, managing company’s cloud and infra-security.  Thakker is a graduate of New York University with a Masters in Computer Engineering specialization in Cyber Security.  He is actively involved with the designing and development of ThreatModeler’s Cloud edition. In his spare time he enjoys football and traveling.

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