ThreatNet Partner Program

Hosted by ThreatModeler for Our Partners

ThreatModeler makes your initiative secure by design. It protects IT environments with instant visualizations of the attack surface, security requirements, and clear steps to mitigate threats.

If you’re interested in helping your customers measure threat drift across their applications, infrastructure, and cloud platforms, we invite you to chat with us about becoming a ThreatNet Partner.

The program offers partners access to a range of benefits, including competitive deal registration, sales support, training and certification, industry insights and marketing support.

Why Partner with ThreatModeler

Our Partner Program was build with purpose with these elements at the forefront:

  • Focus on rewarding our partners’ capability, commitment and growth
  • Competitive Advantage with Deal registration 
  • Recurring Revenue that’s predictable with the highest customer Satisfaction
  • Driving Services by providing a platform you can build services around
  • Innovative product team listening to Channel feedback
  • Enablement provided from the beginning for fast ramp up 
  • Benefits for enhanced performance
  • Collaboration from Sales and Marketing for continued success


ThreatModeler has launched a partner portal that provides comprehensive product information, a content library of marketing collateral and sales tools to facilitate deal registrations.

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