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We have collected a series of videos relevant to the Threat Modeling and Cybersecurity industries. In this section you will find tutorials on how to successfully build a threat model, interviews with security experts/ professionals, case studies, latest news and updates about technology, and much more!

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Webinar: Bringing AI to Threat Modeling – ThreatModeler v7.0

Uncover DevSecOps breakthroughs with ThreatModeler v7.0. Introducing ThreatModeler Wingman™️, an AI Virtual Security Assistant enhancing real-time collaboration.

Key Features: Witness Wingman™️ in action, explore updates to ThreatModeler tools, and learn threat modeling from design to cloud.

Hosted by Pratik Takkar (COO) and Nikunj Nagalia (VP of Solutions Engineering)

Featured Video: 

IaC-Assist:  Security From Design-To-Code-To-Cloud At Scale.

IaC-Assist is a powerful IDE plugin that seamlessly integrates with your code development environment and allows engineers to implement security policies and controls without having to leave their coding environment.

IaC-Assist identifies design flaws in code, explains the issue, and provides real-time contextual guidance for revisions. Enabling DevSecOps teams to continuously evaluate their Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) on the fly in order to:

Custom Risk Calculation

At ThreatModeler, we recognize that your environment is particular to your business and that there are differing levels of risk associated with different software developments. Hence we are introducing a unique Custom Risk Calculation capability allowing you to make more informed assessments of your threat models at a singular and global level. This gives you the complete flexibility to ensure that you’re triaging and prioritizing your entire attack surface using your organization’s criteria.

WingMan™ – Intelligent Component Suggestions

As you start to build your threat model diagram and bring components onto the canvas, ThreatModeler WingMan™ will automatically start offering suggestions for additional components that could be added to the model. Suggestions are based on the analysis of thousands of models or on your own organization’s custom components.

ThreatModeler WingMan™ continues to suggest additional components to your canvas as the context of your model progresses.

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