ThreatModeler® Software
for Retail

The retail industry has been evolving to support the ever-increasing demand of online shopping.

In response, retail organizations have moved to cloud. It gives them flexibility in scaling and a better ability to support customers globally.

Unfortunately, online demand isn’t the only thing increasing. So too are cyberattacks. And being in the cloud, retailers have an increased responsibility to secure their customers’ data.

You can meet this challenge by improving your organization’s cloud-native applications using IAC-Assist and CloudModeler. Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) use a descriptive coding language to automate the provisioning of cloud infrastructure. The challenge is, just because you manage your infrastructure with code, doesn’t mean that infrastructure is secure. And that’s where IaC-Assist comes in.

IaC-Assist, which loads right in your IDE, enables engineers to implement security policies and controls without having to leave their coding environment. This enables DevOps teams to continuously evaluate their IaC on the fly, while simultaneously eliminating an entire security sprint.

After you deploy your design, not only will CloudModeler software validate the infrastructure design and regulatory compliance, but it will also continuously monitor it for any changes. To learn more about how IaC-Assist and CloudModeler can secure your online presence, download our case study or white paper here.

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