ThreatModeler® software
for Health

Medical devices are increasingly complex. And they exist in complex and connected ecosystems of healthcare delivery.

While standard security controls can ensure some baseline security, they fail to address the myriad of ways that medical devices are used, and more importantly, how they interface and interact with the healthcare ecosystem. Consequently, what’s frequently unknown is how security risks can result in unacceptable safety issues.

For years the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized the value of threat modeling as an approach to strengthen the cybersecurity and safety of medical devices. The ThreatModeler platform has responded to the FDA by creating the only threat modeling platform designed to build threat models for your medical devices and stay compliant with FDA guidelines. You’ll leverage ThreatModeler software’s medical device library to build threat models within hours and stay up to date with the ever-changing threat landscape.

The ThreatModeler platform’s patented chaining features enable you to break the complex ecosystem of medical devices into simple, independent subsystems and then chain them together to better understand their interactions. This chaining features is key to understanding how security risks become security issues.

ThreatModeler software has been successful in helping our health care customers secure their medical devices right from design. To learn more about how ThreatModeler can help secure your medical devices, download our case study or white paper here.

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