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ThreatModeler Talks Security at RSA Conference 2019

  RSA Conference 2019 has come and gone successfully in the city of San Francisco. Last week, hundreds of companies were gathered in what is known as the most important cybersecurity event in the world. With over 40 thousand attendees, … Read More

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Threat Model of the Month – February 2019

Azure E-commerce Website Front End Description: This Azure threat model represents the front end of an online ticket purchasing e-commerce website. Azure Traffic Manager routes the user’s requests to the website hosted in the Azure App Service. User authentication is … Read More

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Threat Modeling for AWS: Webinar Announcing ThreatModeler Cloud Edition

As organizations move to the cloud, they recognize security as a requirement to protect their data. Amazon is known as a leading player in the cloud market, founding a secure cloud services platform – Amazon Web Services (AWS). Security during … Read More

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The Must-Attend Cybersecurity Conferences in 2019

Conferences are important vehicles allowing professionals to gain valuable insights from leading experts in a specific industry. The fast-growing world of cybersecurity and information technology requires professionals to keep up-to-date on IT security topics. Fortunately, there is nothing like a … Read More

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cloud migration

Top 5 Threats of Moving to the Cloud

Organizations continue to adopt cloud-based services without becoming fully aware of the risks of cloud migration. There are many challenges to consider when moving data to the cloud. Cloud native architectures are exposed to the same threats as traditional data … Read More

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Threat Model of the Month – January 2019

AWS Microservices Architecture Description: Microservices architecture is a method of developing software applications as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services. A central idea of a microservices architecture is to split functionalities into cohesive “verticals”—not by technological layers, but by implementing … Read More

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What to expect in Cybersecurity in 2019

A new year comes with new challenges. It is a time of deliberation and preparation for organizations across all industries and divisions. One of the most impactful industries in 2018 was cybersecurity, and this year is no different. Investments in … Read More

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cybersecurity tech accord

ThreatModeler Software Inc. joins Cybersecurity Tech Accord

We are proud to announce that ThreatModeler Software Inc has officially joined the Cybersecurity Tech Accord to promote a safe online world and protect users against malicious threats. Along with 60 other global companies such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, CISCO, … Read More

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Threat Modeling For AWS: Building A Microservice Architecture

With the adoption of cloud data centers, organizations are now able to scale their applications at reasonable costs. Most cloud platform infrastructures are serverless – meaning IT infrastructure systems are performed by the cloud platform provider. Therefore, security teams focus … Read More

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DevOps Security Implementation

Implementation of DevOps Security

DevOps security has become a major priority for enterprises as data breaches and cyber attacks continue to evolve. With cyber attacks becoming more regular and hackers taking advantage of traditional vulnerability management, new approaches are being analyzed to reduce the … Read More

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