ThreatModeler® Software
for Finance

The financial services industry is evolving at a rapid pace, with shifting consumer expectations, new technologies and developing regulatory requirements.

Financial services firms need the right technology to help them stay agile and respond to the changes. The cloud has become the key point of leverage for financial firms looking to improve performance across a broad range of activities. Moving to the public cloud can advance operational resiliency, improve staff productivity, increase regulatory compliance and enhance business model innovation.

However, there are several financial services companies that are still hesitant to migrate to the cloud. The barriers to adoption vary, from the complexity of legacy systems, to trust and skills gaps, regulatory uncertainty and fragmentation of compliance requirements.

Both the ThreatModeler and CloudModeler platforms together address all of these barriers of adoption for you. Beginning in the design stage, ThreatModeler software gives you insight into what your attack surface looks like and the regulatory compliance requirements you will have to address. Then, once you deploy your design, not only will CloudModeler software validate the infrastructure design and regulatory compliance, but it will also continuously monitor it for any changes.

The ThreatModeler platform has been supporting customers in Finance for five years and is now helping them migrate to cloud. To learn more about how ThreatModeler software and CloudModeler software can help your organization securely migrate to the cloud, download our case study or white paper here..

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