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How secure are your medical devices?

The ThreatModeler platform is the only threat modeling platform designed to help you build threat models for your medical devices and stay compliant with FDA guidelines. You can leverage ThreatModeler software’s medical device library to build threat models within hours and stay up to date with the ever-changing threat landscape.

Do you understand the security and compliance of your infrastructure?

The ThreatModeler platform empowers architects, analysts, developers, compliance managers and group heads to drive “security by design”. You can manage security, compliance and collaborate efficiently across teams, while leveraging internal and third-party data to ensure your applications are secure.

Do you have an organization your customer’s trust?

You can evolve your organization’s application and cloud security using IAC-Assist and CloudModeler. IaC-Assist, which loads right in your IDE, enables engineers to implement security policies and controls without having to leave their coding environment. Then you can validate that your cloud architecture is secure by integrating with CloudModeler and continuously monitoring the drift.


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