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The executive team and board of directors represent over 75 years of combined technology and industry experience. Members of our executive team previously held senior positions at companies including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, WhiteHat Security, Fortify Software, Cenzic, Salesforce, Oracle, CitiGroup, HSBC, Intuit, Cisco, Costco, and T-Mobile.

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Archie Agarwal, CISSP Founder, CEO, and Chief Technical Architect

With more than 20 years of real-world experience in threat and risk analysis, Archie has been instrumental in successfully implementing secure software development processes at a number of Fortune 1000 companies to minimize their exposure to cyber threats and mitigate risks. Prior to founding ThreatModeler, he was the Director of Education Services at WhiteHat Security.
"Threat modeling has been used to identify potential threats in critical and high-risk applications for years. Traditional processes, though, are too slow and resource-intensive to be used effectively in today’s fast-paced agile and DevOps environments."
Archie Agarwal
Founder and Chief Technical Architect of ThreatModeler™