An automated threat modeling solution that secures and scales the enterprise software development life cycle.

Identify, predict and define threats across the entire attack surface to make proactive security decisions and minimize overall risk.

ThreatModeler's Joint Offering With AWS

Amazon Web Services customers can now automate and accelerate the design of secure AWS cloud environments. Proactively secure your cloud infrastructure using AWS Security Epics guidance to build a threat modeling process that drives security throughout the Cloud Development Life Cycle (CDLC).


How to Automate and Accelerate the Design of Secure AWS Cloud Environments

ThreatModeler webcast with Intuit, AWS, BlackRock and Sisense

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Moderator: Ty Sbano, Chief Security & Trust Officer, Sisense


  • Praveen Nallasamy, Vice President, Cybersecurity at BlackRock
  • Tom Holodnik, Software Architect, Intuit
  • Archie Agarwal, Founder and CEO, ThreatModeler
  • Reef D’Souza, Senior Security Consultant, AWS
  • Yeukai Sachikonye Consultant, Engagement Manager of Global Security & Infrastructure Practice, AWS

AWS customers can now harness the power of ThreatModeler’s industry leading platform – with guidance from AWS Security Epics – to proactively secure their cloud infrastructure, while increasing sprint and epic velocity. Prioritize security early in the cloud migration design phase, reducing overall cost and effort to fix security issues from weeks to just a few hours, maximizing efficiency and ROI.

Discover ThreatModeler’s Joint Offering With AWS and How to Instantly:

  • Build a threat modeling process that drives security throughout the Cloud Development Life Cycle (CDLC).
  • Convert an architecture diagram into a threat model with a list of threats and relevant security recommendations for AWS services.
  • Identify latent security risks.
  • Generate AWS Security Epics backlog for IAC development, plus secure CloudFormation code templates.
  • Highlight threat model drift from the live environment via ThreatModeler’s integration with AWS services AWS Config, AWS Security Hub and others.
  • Keep threat models synchronized with AWS environments using real-time updates

Announcing ThreatModeler Cloud Lift & Shift or Design Cloud Native with Security in Mind

ThreatModeler Cloud automatically builds threat models for cloud infrastructures, managing potential threats for AWS and Azure environments. Our out-of-the-box cloud security solution provides an understanding of organizations’ entire attack surface and empowers enterprises to manage their risks more effectively.

ThreatModeler Cloud effortlessly integrates with the CICD pipeline allowing DevOps teams to build a secure cloud infrastructure.

ThreatModeler Options


  • Automated Threat Models
  • Cloud Native Security Framework
  • Reusable Templates
  • Integration with CICD pipeline
  • Continuous Monitoring

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 Download white paper: 5 Steps to Building a Threat Modeling Program for the Cloud


  • Centralized threat library 
  • Intelligent threat engine
  • Integration with DevOps environment
  • Reusable templates
  • Self-service model 

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Download white paper: 7 Easy Steps for Building a Threat Modeling Process

The IT Ecosystem

How We Do It

Automated and networked industrial control systems generate rapid expansion of the enterprise attack surface. Moreover, today’s organizations operate in a highly interconnected cyber ecosystem. Leveraging the ThreatModeler platform, CISOs and other security executives will gain a comprehensive understanding of their entire attack surface, in-depth defense strategy, and compensating controls, so they can strategically allocate resources and scale their output.


ThreatModeler’s easy one-step process flow diagrams, visual interface, and up-to-date threat databases empower organizations to enable non-security professionals to prioritize and address threats strategically.


Enterprises often associate implementation with effort and anxiety, but with ThreatModeler as a strategic partner, organizations are supported in building a scalable enterprise-wide threat modeling process to identify and mitigate threats, helping organizations realize significant resource and cost reduction.


As new threats arise, stakeholders at all levels – from IT professionals to executive leaders – become increasingly concerned with the safety of their data and assets. ThreatModeler’s visual interface provides an accessible birds-eye view of that attack surface, enabling non-security experts to undertake threat modeling projects and allowing for smart resource allocation.


ThreatModeler™ innovates with its revolutionary approach by automatically building threat models from the functional information users provide about their applications and systems. With customizable access, security teams can collaborate to predict, identify, and address new threats with a structured high quality threat analysis.

  • 99%
    ThreatModeler identifies 99% of Static ("SAST") and Dynamic ("DAST") application level threats before code is ever written.
  • 70%
    ThreatModeler's contextual threat engine automates the identification of threats, and enables a 70% reduction of residual risk.
  • 15%
    ThreatModeler provides scalability at 15% of the cost of traditional manual threat modeling. CISOs can implement initiatives for software development and network security with sustainable ROI and measurable, actionable outputs.