Threat Modeling

Threat Model of the Month – February 2019

Azure E-commerce Website Front End Description: This Azure threat model represents the front end of an online ticket purchasing e-commerce website. Azure Traffic Manager routes the user’s requests to the website hosted in the Azure App Service. User authentication is … Read More

What to expect in Cybersecurity in 2019

A new year comes with new challenges. It is a time of deliberation and preparation for organizations across all industries and divisions. One of the most impactful industries in 2018 was cybersecurity, and this year is no different. Investments in … Read More

Threat Modeling Mitigation Strategy

Getting Started with Threat Modeling: How to Identify Your Mitigation Strategy

As sensitive or critical data becomes more valuable and prone to theft or hacks, enterprise cybersecurity protocols such as threat modeling as part of a mitigation strategy become more critical. Even the world’s premier technology companies like Facebook are subject … Read More

Threat Modeling Myths

Threat Modeling: Debunking 5 Common Myths

Threat modeling is a way for organizations to maximize the security of networks and applications by identifying threats and prioritizing countermeasures based on the risk and potential severity of each threat. The benefits of threat modeling are significant. Not only … Read More

IoT Threat Modeling example for IoT Security

IoT Threat Modeling Example for the Importance of IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is trending at an explosive rate, especially in the business world. This exponential increase in connected devices delivers huge benefits for business communications and productivity, but can also leave systems and networks exposed to a … Read More