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With one click, IaC-Assist applies the necessary security controls and fixes to your code, transforming it into a more secure state.

Iac Assist

ThreatModeler IaC-Assist revolutionizes threat modeling by making one-click threat modeling a reality for frictionless DevSecOps.

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The Key Takeaway

The development community is always on the lookout for ways to speed up design by automating as many processes as possible. And while it’s difficult to automate the design of a unique application, infrastructure is more predictable, and therefore lends itself more to automation.

Enter infrastructure as code. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is “a method of managing and provisioning cloud infrastructure using programming techniques instead of manual processes. Automation is almost always considered a business benefit in and of itself, but automation through infrastructure as code unlocks a whole range of benefits that work together to level up any DevOps department.”

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