ThreatModeler’s advanced security tool is even better with increased collaboration, customization, more information, and a better interface

ThreatModeler advanced software security tools have already succeeded in providing superior, automated, continuous visibility into flaws in application design for leading organizations… and at a fraction of the time and cost tied to other tools. 

And now, the next generation has arrived—ThreatModeler® version 6.0. It delivers more accurate threat modeling, faster, while requiring less from you. 

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Easily share threat models with different users and groups

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Edit, add notes, and customize attributes to it your own 

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Better Access

All threat models are in one place, organized by status 


As part of threat modeling, threat models typically need to go through an approval process. ThreatModeler 6.0 cybersecurity tools now makes the approval process even easier with a simplified, multi-level approval workflow. Submit threat models for approval only to the level required. 

Another important aspect of threat modeling is the ability share. With 6.0, users can easily share their threat models with different users and groups. Deep copying and shallow copying have also been added with this upgrade—deep copying copies component intelligence right into your library so you can make it your own. 

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The ThreatModeler 6.0 solution comes with a completely new, accessible threat framework that makes it is easy to use, empowering users to manage custom intelligence effortlessly.

The new mind map inspired interface allows users to see the intelligence built into the platform. You can edit, add notes, and customize attributes to truly make components your own. And with contextual security controls, users can now mitigate threats and close requirements for components they are securing. 

Better Access to Information

Making more information available—and making it all easier to find—was a priority for the ThreatModeler team in creating 6.0. And it all starts with the new user interface. 

At the component level, things get even better. Component layout has now changed to tile view, with three options to provide more context about the component including details, threats, and attributes. What’s more, components can now be grouped by collection, trust boundary and container. 

Another key element of the 6.0 upgrade is the new dashboard, which provides enhanced graphing and reporting capability. There are now trend graphs available that show threats, grouped by threat status, over time. There is even an implementation review matrix, which is an advanced version of a threat traceability matrix. 

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