In a continually evolving threat environment, cybersecurity concerns can change on a daily basis.

More and more, enterprises require a streamlined process for consistent, continual assessment of their cyber risk profile and attack surface to prioritize limited resources and address the most pressing security needs.

Manual, data-flow or free checklist-based systems of assessing threats and building threat models are inefficient and difficult to scale to an enterprise-wide level. These systems also fail to address the need for continuous re-evaluation required to address security risks in a changing threat landscape.

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Introducing ThreatModeler PRO

The threat environment is not the only thing that is constantly evolving – ever-changing technology developments can be applied to every aspect of business processes, and timelines for developing and rolling out new applications and services are accelerating at a rate never seen before.

Automated threat modeling is a means for an enterprise to conduct regular, ongoing assessments of cybersecurity risk in a standardized, scalable manner during the early stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

ThreatModeler PRO provides a company with all of the benefits of a fully developed risk assessment process, without all of the time-consuming, complicated labor involved with building an entire custom process framework.

CISOs and security teams can leverage ThreatModeler PRO to accelerate program deployment while reducing the time and cost of building threat models by up to 85%.

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