ThreatModeler Launches ThreatModeler Community to Provide Leading Platform for Practitioner Best Practices Conversations

ThreatModeler Community offers an array of important resources to enterprises leveraging threat modeling for advanced security and compliance

JERSEY CITY, N.J, November 16, 2022ThreatModeler, a leader in threat modeling and securing cloud infrastructure from design to deployment, today announced the launch of ThreatModeler Community, an aggregated source of thought leadership, peer conversations, and technical resources for practitioners interested in advancing their threat modeling processes to the next level. The collaborative platform is open to ThreatModeler customers, employees, and technology practitioners across industries who want to source best practices from industry peers and contribute to the growing conversation around threat modeling.

Access to a community to discuss threat modeling has never been more important as security and compliance requirements begin mandating the use of threat modeling for specific industries. The conversations fostered by the platform will be instrumental in putting early adopters and newcomers alike on the path to success.

“Executive Order 14028 makes threat modeling activities a compliance demand for many organizations, and they are eager for help overcoming the persistent challenges that modeling entails,” said John Steven, CTO and Advisory Board Member, ThreatModeler. “ThreatModeler Community is designed to do just that: provide practitioners a competitive advantage in building and executing a scalable threat modeling capability that meets compliance needs. Leveraging tooling and peers’ experience allows practitioners to ensure threat modeling consistently impacts each release, resulting not only in compliance but also in a security posture aligned with organizational risk tolerance.”

With hundreds of active threads already in place, interested practitioners can join any number of conversations that will improve their abilities and advance their enterprise’s threat modeling practice. Users will also benefit from a wide range of ongoing content, including:

  • Thought Leadership Series – Leaders from ThreatModeler, its partners, and its customers will provide valuable insights through a new series of posts each month.
  • Engineer AMAs – Users will be able to ask questions of engineers on the front line to gain insights into their challenges, tips, and career advice.
  • Monday Roundup – Top conversations, resources, and stats will be delivered to users’ inboxes each week to ensure they can stay on top of hot conversations.
  • Whiteboard Wednesdays – Each Wednesday, the platform will host a multi-team conversation that maps out best practices for threat model problem-solving.
  • Thursday Threat Model – Thursdays will feature videos from ThreatModeler employees that showcase unique approaches to working through specific threat models.
  • ThreatModeler Blogs – ThreatModeler blogs will highlight ongoing trends, providing an opportunity to discuss the important topics of today and tomorrow with industry peers.
  • Letter from the CEO – Monthly letters from ThreatModeler Founder and CEO Archie Agarwal will keep users apprised of the ongoing innovation happening at the company.

ThreatModeler Community will also host Fireside chats to provide unfiltered access to industry thought leaders, the first of which has already been scheduled:

  • What: Why ThreatModeler Community? – Advancing Critical Conversations for Regulated Industries
  • When: Tuesday, November 22, at 11:30 AM ET
  • Who: John Steven, CTO and Advisory Board Member, ThreatModeler

“With the launch of ThreatModeler Community, we are continuing to light the way for enterprises pursuing more resilient architectures,” said Archie Agarwal, Founder and CEO, ThreatModeler. “Years of experience and patented capabilities uniquely position ThreatModeler to provide a platform of thought leadership, technical best practices, and peer conversations that will have a real impact on enterprises’ ability to incorporate threat modeling into their SDLC efficiently and effectively.”

ThreatModeler Community is a moderated platform open to everyone – Register here.

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