Kaspersky launched an online cybersecurity training program for experts called Security Operations and Threat Hunting, designed to help organizations enhance or build a security operations center (SOC) from scratch.

The online courses, built around six-month access to the course and 100 hours of hands-on labs, are also designed to improve SOC and security team skills in threat hunting, incident detection and investigation.

Read More: https://securityboulevard.com/2022/09/kaspersky-online-training-focuses-on-threat-hunting-secops/

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ThreatModeler revolutionizes threat modeling during the design phase by automatically analyzing potential attack surfaces. Harness our patented functionalities to make critical architectural decisions and fortify your security posture.

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Threat modeling remains essential even after deploying workloads, given the constantly evolving landscape of cloud development and digital transformation. CloudModeler not only connects to your live cloud environment but also accurately represents the current state, enabling precise modeling of your future state

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DevOps Engineers can reclaim a full (security-driven) sprint with IAC-Assist, which streamlines the implementation of vital security policies by automatically generating threat models through its intuitive designer.

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