With the rising threat of ransomware and other attacks that originate from outside organizations’ networks, it’s easy to forget the damage that an insider threat—whether it’s employee carelessness or something more malicious—can cause in both money and resources.

Archie Agarwal, founder and CEO at security firm ThreatModeler, agreed that many of the security challenges that come with remote work are still not fully addressed—leaving the door open to insider threats as well as other attacks.

“When an organization’s business practices change—such as sending workers home from the office—the hard-fought security controls implemented may no longer be in play. Put simply: the threat model changes,” Agarwal told Dice. “When this occurs, organizations should re-evaluate who can access their systems, from where that access occurs, and what possible opportunities for misuse or abuse have opened up. The key is for organizations to detect that business practices have changed and have an easy way to triage their impact.”

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