One week a year, ThreatModeler becomes ThanksModeler. A week where we give thanks for all we have, all we get to do, and more importantly, who we get to serve.

Thanks for all we Have

At the top of the list of things we’re thankful for is everyone who is a part of the ThreatModeler family. That includes employees, suppliers, advisors and associates. And starting in late 2022, it includes one more group: the ThreatModeler Community.

The ThreatModeler Community is built for those who hope to use ThreatModeler to minimize risk with threat modeling. It includes discussions, guides, groups, product updates and ThreatModeler help. If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to be part of the ThreatModeler family by joining the ThreatModeler Community.

Thanks for all we Get to do

It would be nice if we lived in a world where we didn’t need cybersecurity, but we do. And if there has to be cybersecurity, we may as well partake in it.

Cybersecurity is an exciting and challenging industry and we’re thankful every day that we get to play a part. With our products ThreatModeler, CloudModeler and IaC Assist, we help organizations secure their applications and reduce threat drift from “code to cloud”.

If you’re still curious as to how our products can help secure your organization, we’re happy to answer any questions. You can reach us here.

Thanks for Who we Serve

Without our customers, there’d be no ThreatModeler. We’re thankful for them and the trust they have in us to help them identify and mitigate threats and secure one of their organization’s most valuable assets: their data.

As we head into 2023, we look forward to continuing to serve and earn the trust of our current customers and future ones. Until then, we at ThreatModeler wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.


ThreatModeler revolutionizes threat modeling during the design phase by automatically analyzing potential attack surfaces. Harness our patented functionalities to make critical architectural decisions and fortify your security posture.

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Threat modeling remains essential even after deploying workloads, given the constantly evolving landscape of cloud development and digital transformation. CloudModeler not only connects to your live cloud environment but also accurately represents the current state, enabling precise modeling of your future state

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DevOps Engineers can reclaim a full (security-driven) sprint with IAC-Assist, which streamlines the implementation of vital security policies by automatically generating threat models through its intuitive designer.

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