Earthquakes, Cyber Breaches, and Mitigating Disasters through Design

Sep 7, 2023 | CISO, Cloud security, Cloud Threat Modeling, Cyber Risk, DevSecOps, News, Threat Modeling

By Archie Agarwal

In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, relying solely on reactive security measures is inadequate. The imperative for proactive risk assessment and mitigation has never been greater. Much like CAD drawings provide a blueprint for earthquake-resistant structures, threat modeling in cybersecurity offers a framework for making informed security decisions. By embracing threat modeling and integrating it into their cybersecurity strategy, organizations can bolster their security posture, safeguard valuable assets and information, and protect their reputation. Threat modeling empowers organizations to stay one step ahead, making it a critical element of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Through these secure by design approaches, both seismic preparedness and cybersecurity can continue to anticipate and mitigate risks effectively.

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