Data Privacy Day aims to raise awareness of how we collect and use data

by | Jan 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Today is Data Privacy Day — or Data Protection Day, depending on who you talk to — a day dedicated to an international effort to raise awareness about how data is collected, used and stored.

Archie Agarwal, founder and CEO at ThreatModeler:

A major part of data privacy is safeguarding the data. And when it comes to safeguarding data, we feel organizations should operate from a very simple paradigm: identify all the threats and then mitigate them.

Safeguarding data means different things to different organizations. But for those involved in developing software systems, we feel strongly that the best way to identify all the threats and mitigate them is by incorporating threat modeling right into their development lifecycle. It’s the most effective way to identify threats prior to deployment, which is obviously preferable.

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