A new year comes with new challenges. It is a time of deliberation and preparation for organizations across all industries and divisions. One of the most impactful industries in 2018 was cybersecurity, and this year is no different. Investments in technology continue to grow as well as efforts to improve the security of applications. If you thought protecting data was a tough task in 2018, this year is going to get much worse.

In a world where big data and technology are becoming a substantial part of business opportunities, security should be a number one priority to protect organizations from being exposed to data breaches and potential threats.  The big question is: how many breaches will we see in 2019? It’s hard to predict the amount of data breaches occurring this year. One thing we can expect is a substantially higher number of threats than last year.

Here are some of the key predictions in the Cybersecurity world in 2019

1. Rise in Threats

Even though artificial intelligence is positively changing the way enterprises secure their systems, vulnerabilities and risks are expected to grow. This has created a new type of attack cybercriminals call “smart attacks”. We are not confident about the accuracy of these attacks; one thing we can expect is, they will take place and negatively impact the security of our systems. Security professionals must be aware of new threats and implement the best preventive solutions against these threats.

2. Automation in the cyberspace

As the network becomes wider, this new year will experience a rise in the automation of cybersecurity. The power of automation will rely merely on each organization. Some companies have made security a top priority, putting a huge effort towards automation. While the need is existing, many businesses are not aware of the benefits of making cybersecurity a major focus, and investing in a threat detection tool to help protect their assets.

3. IT professionals will direct new cybersecurity initiatives

After companies like Facebook and Google faced the biggest data breaches, many of their employees in charge of product development have been cautious regarding potential threats in the early stages of the development process. This new year, we will see our IT professionals taking the lead and dictating trends and technologies to be used to prevent upcoming risks to the company.

What’s the next step?

  1. Take a proactive approach by looking for the best threat detection tool
  2. Make sure to implement an automated threat detection software
  3. Start securing your system now

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