Cloud computing continues to revolutionize the way organizations manage their data. With the rapid growth of the cloud and new services arising daily, enterprises are more eager to accomplish goals while ensuring security in the development process. The introduction of cloud computing has also enlightened organizations of new threats that can harm the overall security of systems.

With more data and applications moving to the cloud, the urgency to secure data becomes a priority. Therefore, organizations are turning to new approaches for protecting data in cloud environments. Cloud threat modeling is recognized as a safe and popular method to protect data when migrating to the cloud. According to the Information Security Forum (ISF), the data security organization that predicted an increase in the number of data breaches in 2017, “2018 will be another painfully dire year”.

The number of security threats in cloud environments is expected to rise throughout the year. To help you protect your system in the cloud, here are the top 5 threats you should expect in the next couple of months.   

Top 5 Threats You Should Know About

Account Hijacking

When hackers find out user credentials, they can effortlessly access their cloud account and hijack it. This problem would represent a significant threat to any organization as data can be manipulated and altered. Protecting credentials is not enough anymore. A double factor authentication should be implemented, as well as the power to manage accounts when hijacking occurs.  

Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the main reasons why enterprises lean toward a cybersecurity protection program. Just as breaches have affected millions of users, they are frequent in cloud environments. With cloud threat modeling, security experts can secure data in the migration process by implementing the proper mitigation strategies.

Insecure APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are key software components for cloud environments. Unsecured APIs can give adversaries access to cloud applications, breaking the trusted boundaries and taking advantage of primary data.  

Insider Threats

One of the most common threats, not only in cloud infrastructures but any application, is an attack from either authorized and unauthorized users. Insider threats to cloud environments are often underestimated and keep posing an increasing problem. Therefore, organizations should be aware of the risks of the availability of cloud services to employees within the organization.

Denial of Service attacks

Denial of service (DoS) attacks are threats cyber attackers implement if they have control of a botnet. In recent years, popularity on the dark web has grown just like DDos and the need to employ a security system.  

ThreatModeler as a Cloud Threat Modeling Solution

ThreatModeler™ is the first and only threat modeling tool that can provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution for identifying the potential threats associated with deployment to a cloud environment and providing the correct mitigating controls. ThreatModeler™ has you covered before, during, and after your migration to the AWS cloud.

ThreatModeler™ is utilized by leading Fortune 1000 companies in the financial, medical, and IoT industries. It empowers security architects, application security directors, chief information officers, and other decision-makers to plan better, prepare, and proactively protect themselves from attackers. By providing enterprises and security professionals with everything they need to test and remain abreast of current and future threats for new application system developments, and deployments to a cloud environment, organizations utilizing ThreatModeler™ have reduced the cost of fixing vulnerabilities by 80% or more.


ThreatModeler revolutionizes threat modeling during the design phase by automatically analyzing potential attack surfaces. Harness our patented functionalities to make critical architectural decisions and fortify your security posture.

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Threat modeling remains essential even after deploying workloads, given the constantly evolving landscape of cloud development and digital transformation. CloudModeler not only connects to your live cloud environment but also accurately represents the current state, enabling precise modeling of your future state

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