For many organizations, moving to the cloud seems like the right decision in today’s digital world. Besides being a faster and more scalable solution, it provides security to enterprises. The overall cloud infrastructure is protected, but when it comes to securing the data stored within cloud-native applications, organizations need to find the best possible method to protect their growing attack surface.

Security of applications has evolved over the years to overcome a mutual objective: reduce the attack surface in the early stage of a system’s life cycle. Cloud-native architectures are being adopted by more and more organizations, driving consumer expectations and demand. Yet, as the number of users moving to the cloud increases, a major concern is still in the air: protecting data when migrating to the cloud.

In the past, traditional security approaches were not designed to support a cloud infrastructure due to their outdated scheme. Efforts to create a cloud-friendly cybersecurity approach focus on agility and scalability. With threat modeling software, security teams can identify attackers, along with potential threats and cyber risks in any cloud application attack surface.

Understanding Your Cloud Application Attack Surface

With recent and continuing data breaches, new vulnerabilities are discovered, meaning security should be a number one priority for organizations. But more than protecting and preventing, it is crucial to conduct an attack surface analysis. Detecting threats in the cloud is not mission impossible if you are using the right method. Threat modeling is known as the best approach to identify and mitigate threats to reduce the attack surface of any application.

Understanding your cloud application attack surface will rely on your threat modeling tool. ThreatModeler™ – an official AWS partner and the industry’s #1 automated threat modeling software – uses VAST methodology to build a scalable threat modeling process in less time than other threat modeling tools. The agile capability of this software allows a deep understanding of your attack surface. ThreatModeler has a customizable threat library adapted for cloud environments, which facilitates the creation of process flow diagrams for cloud-native architectures.

Threat Modeling Reduces Cloud Application Attack Surface

ThreatModeler is an automated threat modeling solution that strengthens an enterprise’s SDLC by identifying, predicting and defining threats across all applications and devices in the operational IT stack. This automated platform works with all types of computing environments.

To learn more about how ThreatModeler™ can help your organization build a scalable threat modeling process, book a demo to speak to a ThreatModeler expert today.