It’s been two weeks since AWS re: invent 2019 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the biggest cloud computing conference in the country, Amazon Web Services didn’t disappoint with a turnout of more than 65,000 attendees. AWS re:Invent revealed details about a heap of new products, while updating many existing ones. And, worry no more! No one is going to ask you to name them all. However, AWS is coming out with new technologies for its consumers at an incredibly fast pace, designed to make business run better.

The conference was the perfect occasion to gather all IT service providers searching for new means and tactics for DevSecOps, cybersecurity, cloud migration, automation and more. Some of the new AWS strategies revealed this year will be the basis for upcoming products and services used by midsize and large enterprises. Here’s a review of what you missed from this year’s largest global cloud event:

Best of AWS re:Invent 2019


AWS disclosed a new Quantum Computing Service, known as Amazon Braket, along with AWS Center for Quantum Computing and AWS Quantum Solutions Lab. Amazon Bracket is an operated service for quantum computing that offers:

  • Growth ecosystem to discover and create quantum processes
  • Ability to experiment with them on computer-generated quantum systems
  • Run them on various quantum hardware technologies.

This AWS service empowers researchers and developers to start testing with computers from quantum hardware providers such as D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti. The AWS Center for Quantum Computing  gathers quantum computing specialists from Amazon and other educational research institutes to work in partnership on the study and enhancement of new quantum computing technologies. Amazon Braket will enable consumers to use both quantum and conventional chores on a more complex environment. This new service could become one of the main AWS compute services.


One of the most exciting announcements from AWS re:invent 2019 is CodeGuru. Amazon CodeGuru is a controlled service that employs machine learning to advise code quality and performance upgrades. This new service can detect and pinpoint any type of issue in coding. It comes with a CodeGuru reviewer, which examines requests from Java codes, and a CodeGuru profiler which evaluates apps that are already running. This service will help organizations to identify problems quicker and sooner, in order to build and run improved software.

Cloud Infrastructure

CloudCheckr unwrapped a wide-reaching partner allowing system at the conference. This new partner program will let users to save money and time by increasing their operating tasks with new automated management approaches for their cloud. At the same time, organizations taking advantage of the New Relic platform will be able to install applications to the cloud way faster, reducing costs related with implementation in cloud environments.


Amazon S3 Access Points, a new feature of S3 released at AWS re:Invent 2019, streamlines overseeing data access at scale for applications using joint data sets on S3. Access points are distinctive names that consumers establish to implement different authorizations and system controls for any appeal made through the access point. Businesses with shared data can effortlessly scale access for hundreds of applications by generating personalized access points with names and permissions tailored for each application.

Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker is the operated service to develop, educate and implement machine learning (ML) models. This new service was of exceptional interest at re:Invent. AWS launched Amazon SageMaker Studio to merge all tools necessary to build ML models. This is a very useful capability that enables researchers and developers using Kubernetes to adjust and use learning models in Amazon SageMaker. Consumers can now install Amazon SageMaker operators on their Kubernetes to create tasks through the Kubernetes API. Amazon SageMaker comes with compute assets that are pre-configured and improved offering full deployment.

ThreatModeler’s Announcements at AWS re:Invent 2019

ThreatModeler was delighted to announce its latest integrations: AWS Config and AWS Security Hub. To learn more about ThreatModeler’s latest integrations, read our first AWS re:Invent Recap.

Keynotes From Senior AWS Leaders Articulated the Platform’s Value Proposition

Peter DeSantis, VP of AWS Global Infrastructure and Customer Support, delivered a keynote presentation on how AWS has made improvements to its cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of challenging workloads for global enterprises. Andy Jassy, AWS CEO, was on-hand to deliver a keynote on the latest AWS products, services and updates.

Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of, provided an overview of the technical “underpinnings” and provided the technical design investments that the organization will be making. In addition, Doug Yeum, Head of AWS Worldwide Channels and Alliances, was a featured speaker. He spoke about helping organizations to innovate and introduce transformation.

5G, Machine Learning and DevSecOps were widely talked-about topics. Threat modeling is an activity that can help to secure 5G and we will be covering that in the near future.

ThreatModeler Will Help You Reduce Your Attack Surface

Threat modeling helps organizations to view their attack surface, and map out the different threats and attack vectors that hackers can utilize to compromise IT systems. Threat modeling normally uses process flow diagrams to outline the numerous components, user behaviors and communication flows. Threat modeling helps CISOs, security program managers, architects and other key personnel to identify threats, prioritize them and determine adequate mitigation strategies.

ThreatModeler allows security experts to build threat models out-of-the-box with libraries comprising updated content from reliable sources including: OWASP, CAPEC, the NVD, AWS and Azure. ThreatModeler also offers APIs to automate the platform further. To learn how ThreatModeler can help your business to achieve data with security and integrity, book a demo to speak to a ThreatModeler expert today.