In a continuous push for competitive advantage, cost benefits, and the ability to focus more on their core competencies, organizations are increasingly migrating critical applications and data centers to a cloud environment. According to leading cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the top three concerns of moving to the cloud is security. Organizations require a good understanding of how their data is protected in the cloud and what controls the cloud service provider already has in place. However, most organizations lack a thorough knowledge of the inherent threats and associated risks involved with deploying critical applications and migrating data centers to a cloud platform like AWS. To gain that understanding, organizations need to engage in AWS cloud threat modeling to see where their data is stored and various controls that are already provided by the cloud service provider.

aws cloud threat modelingCurrently, though, most of the threat modeling efforts used for cloud environments are manual. Effective AWS cloud threat modelingneeds to produce living, breathing documents because organizations regularly make changes to their cloud environment. Multiply that with the number of applications moving to the cloud platform, the scope increases drastically. A manual threat modeling process cannot keep up.

However, ThreatModeler™ – an official AWS Technology Partner – provides an automated, structured approach to AWS cloud threat modeling. The out-of-the-box AWS cloud threat modeling solution allows organizations to build threat models from pre-defined templates of various AWS architectures or even create an threat model for a custom architecture in a couple of minutes.

ThreatModeler™ automates in-house and AWS cloud threat modeling. Organizations can scale their threat modeling process across their entire DevOps portfolio, regardless of whether the initiatives are in-house or deployed within their AWS environment. The outputs generated by ThreatModeler™ are consistent, concrete, and actionable – allowing organizations to generate a comprehensive attack surface analysis of their entire IT footprint – whether in-house or on the AWS platform – along with the relevant mitigating controls.

Benefits of the AWS Cloud Threat Modeling Solution by ThreatModeler

The AWS cloud threat modeling solution includes the following exclusive features and benefits:

1. A full suite of architectural components – The ThreatModeler™ library includes the entire set of architectural components unique to the AWS platform. These components provide the building blocks from which users can quickly get started with AWS cloud threat modeling in minutes – with or without user security expertise.

2. The ThreatModeler™ AWS specific threat library – Cloud infrastructures share many of the same components and technologies as traditional on-site or data-center infrastructures. Hence, the threats related to cloud environments might look similar to the traditional environment with a few additions related to IaaS or PaaS. Additionally, organizations need to understand the controls put in place by the Cloud Service Provider to protect their data. ThreatModeler™ provides an out-of-the-box comprehensive threat library that covers all the potential threats that apply to the AWS environment which will save the organizations countless hours in building and maintaining their own threat library.

3. Make AWS-related threat models in minutes – By utilizing the out-of-the-box resources, organizations can create threat models related to their AWS environment in minutes and immediately receive the actionable output needed for secure, rapid-deployment decisions. ThreatModeler™ users can use these templates to customize the pre-built threat models or to build their own from scratch.

4. ThreatModeler™ enables organizations to analyze their comprehensive AWS attack surface – The comprehensive attack surface is the sum of all the ways malicious actors can gain unauthorized access to available assets or system capabilities across the AWS environment. From the comprehensive attack surface analysis, security teams can drill down to trace specific threats back to their origin within their deployment portfolio.

5. Understand the data exposure on the AWS platform – One of the biggest concerns CISOs and CIOs have with moving to a cloud environment is protecting the sensitive data they own. Since the migrated data will now be stored outside their network, they need to understand what controls are in place to protect it and to what exposure the migrated data will be subjected. ThreatModeler™ provides automated reporting on what types of data are stored within the AWS environment, who has access to it, and what controls are in place to protect that data.

About ThreatModeler™

ThreatModeler™ is the first and only threat modeling tool that can provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution for identifying the potential threats associated with deployment to a cloud environment and providing the correct mitigating controls. ThreatModeler™ has you covered before, during, and after your migration to the AWS cloud.

ThreatModeler™ is utilized by leading Fortune 1000 companies in the financial, medical, and IoT industries. It empowers security architects, application security directors, chief information officers, and other decision makers to plan better, prepare, and proactively protect themselves from attackers. By providing enterprises and security professionals with everything they need to test and remain abreast of current and future threats for new application system developments, and deployments to a cloud environment, organizations utilizing ThreatModeler™ have reduced the cost of fixing vulnerabilities by 80% or more.

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