Technology continues to evolve at lightning speed, and hackers are working as fast as they can to manifest the latest cybersecurity threat. In this era of cyber disruption, keeping up with cybersecurity news is a must these days – for organizations and consumers alike. It’s an unfortunate reality, but according to the EY Global Board Risk Survey 2020, security is considered an afterthought for 64% of organizations surveyed. Just 36% asserted that “cybersecurity is involved right from the planning stage of a new business initiative.”

For professionals who don’t have the time to keep pace with the endless stream of breaking threat news, suspicious policies, reports, product releases, and trends security podcasts are a great way to stay in the loop. Security and technology experts give their opinion and updates on the latest in cybersecurity news. From data breaches to any type of security risk, people can learn how to stay safe from cybercriminals anytime – and in the comfort of their own schedules.

Some of the best security podcasts provide insights from CISOs, forecasters, influences and reporters who provide a deep analysis of what’s happening in the industry in an easy-to-digest format.

Why Podcasts Make it Fun to Learn About Cybersecurity

Several cybersecurity podcasts deliver enlightening data on current events such as COVID-19, and how this respiratory illness is even upsetting IT security. While other podcasts examine certain parts of the industry, like the latest techniques they are using – or best practice approaches to cybersecurity.

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The clever thing about podcasts is they can really keep you on top of all things cybersecurity while learning from the actual experts. We’ve spotted 7 podcasts you should be listening to for those looking to learn the security best practices while in the comfort of their home, for free.

7 Cybersecurity Podcasts You Should Listen To

Darknet Diaries

Reporting on authentic stories from the dark web, Darknet Diaries recommends critical reading for people who are pragmatic about the cyber threats against today’s organizations. This podcast will offer you a great assessment of the latest cybercrime and technology topics. Jack Rhysider – a cybersecurity expert known for the popular blog “Tunnels Up” – is author of Darknet Diaries. His goal is to instruct and amuse his audience.

Find Darknet Diaries podcast here

Security Now

Hosted by legendary cybersecurity scholar and engineer Steve Gibson, alongside tech broadcaster Leo Laporte, Security Now has covered a wide range of subjects on cybersecurity since 2005. The two cybersecurity experts tend to focus on a single topic per episode and cover the latest adventures in software and cybersecurity as it connects audiences with technology of interest, e.g., blockchain, VPN, etc.

Find Security Now podcast here

Smashing Security

Smashing Security is considered to be a useful and comical podcast by audiences. It is a narrative on current InfoSec issues, that consistently delivers know-how on cybersecurity news. Every episode present content with real-life applications, including cybercrime, hacking and privacy – something their followers love. Co-hosts Cluley and Theriault don’t specifically restrict themselves in the subjects they cover, instead they create their content over anything associated to cybercrime and more.

Find Smashing Security podcast here


Cyberwire as its name suggests is a cyber security-focused news service and a trustworthy, unbiased security podcast. It provides brief, approachable, and pertinent content, dividing the indicator from the commotion in a flourishing industry, clogged with information and conflicting messages.

Find the CyberWire podcast here

The Social-Engineer

The Social-Engineer podcast was created to explain how social engineering is utilized by companies to gain an advantage. Its audience ranges from vicious marketers who want to take an approach on security, to cybersecurity executives who want to learn about phishing threats, to citizens wanting to stay safe in a digital world. This podcast, named after the hacker tactic of social engineering, uses a mixture of indie music, interviews and forum discussions to discuss how people are at fault for security breaches.

Find the Social-Engineer podcast here

The Shared Security

The Shared Security podcast was launched 10 years ago, back when humanity was still uncertain on what cybersecurity was. Podcast creators Scott Wright and Tom Eston talk about a wide diversity of topics that range from IoT, mobile devices and security threats, to more intellectual topics like worldwide politics. The idea behind the podcast is to provide its followers with a reliable source that alerts them about threats.

Find The Shared Security podcast here

Cyber Risk Management

The Cyber Risk Management Podcast was created to assist professionals to reevaluate cybersecurity from largely a technology challenge to an operational approach. This podcast helps its audience to learn how to control cybersecurity in the same perceptive and helpful way business owners manage other areas of their organization. It also supports executives to develop into more capable cyber risk managers.

Find the Cyber Risk Management podcast here

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