One-click Threat Modeling for Frictionless DevSecOps

IaC-Assist applies the necessary security controls and fixes to your code to transform it into a more secure state – in one click. This powerful IDE plugin seamlessly integrates with your code development environment and allows engineers to implement security policies and controls without having to leave their coding environment.



IaC-Assist identifies design flaws in code, explains the issue and provides just-in-time contextual guidance for revisions.

Supported IDE

Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

Supported Template Types

AWS CloudFormation (CFT), Azure Resource Management (ARM), and Terraform

ThreatModeler Integrations

Integrates with ThreatModeler and CloudModeler for building architecture and threat models

Security in the Code

Enabling DevSecOps teams to continuously evaluate their Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) on the fly

Streamline your entire SDLC process and integrating seamlessly into every component of your DevSecOps tool chain and workflow, IaC-Assist empowers developers to achieve one-click threat modeling in order to:

  • Simultaneously eliminate entire security sprints
  • Bring security into the development environment
  • Provide real-time guidance as DevOps teams write Ifrastructure-as-Code


True DevSecOps Enablement

Promote the transition from DevOps to DevSecOps by automating security processes and providing real-time feedback on security requirements.

Comprehensive Cloud Environment Understanding

Gain a clear understanding of your cloud environment and the implemented security controls with one-click.

Reduced Attack Surface and False Positives

Minimize the overload of onerous security requirements that overwhelmed developers, security engineers and architects who typically ignored their output.


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