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Our current digital era has CISOs and enterprise stakeholders increasingly concerned about the security of their businesses. With cyber threats and data breaches running hectically in the corporate world, security professionals are taking a closer look into their security systems using automated threat modeling technology to visualize network and system vulnerabilities, cyber risk, and threats.

With the intensification of interconnected devices and software, the practice of threat modeling has evolved to keep up with the pace of technology in enterprise environments. Advancements in automated threat modeling allow businesses to scale threat models faster and easier than manual processes, like whiteboarding and diagram tools, saving time and drastically reducing room for human error.

What Is Automated Threat Modeling?

Legacy threat modeling software with highly manual creation processes are no longer the standard for this essential security practice. Instead, a new wave of automated threat modeling software is redefining what enterprise businesses are expecting from a comprehensive threat modeling tool.

Automated threat modeling is the process of creating visualizations or models of IT infrastructure that automatically detect and update systems with the latest threats and vulnerabilities to attack surfaces.

Rather than creating new threat models every time that there is a change to the IT environment, which can be quite often, automated solutions utilize a central threat library (CTL) which automatically accesses threat intelligence sources and self-updates with the latest real-world data.

Automated Threat Modeling Benefits For Key Stakeholders

Faster threat model creation benefits developers, architects, and engineers, but what can automation do for executive decision makers and CISOs? By automatically exposing new threats, key stakeholders can make high-level decisions using real-time threat intelligence.

A threat modeling software that uses process flow diagrams, like ThreatModeler, to visualize threat environments allows even non-security professionals to understand and create threat models easily. Security can then become an organization-wide responsibility, not just a siloed ongoing task for the IT department.

ThreatModeler is the #1 automated threat modeling solution that protects an enterprise’s SDLC by identifying, predicting and defining threats. Security and DevOps teams are empowered to make proactive decisions and minimize overall risk using holistic views of the attack surface.

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