Transformational Leadership

DevOps Data-Driven Transformational Leadership

Organizations are increasingly becoming digital-driven. This is no great revelation. The business world is now highly interconnected. Relationships between organizations and their vendors, suppliers, and distributors are now remotely managed across global networks. Customer experience is increasingly impacted by an organization’s online presence. Moreover, customers’ online experience is evolving into a strategic, and even a[…]

Up-Front QA

How to Improve DevOps with Up-Front QA

Up-front QA Throughout this series on how to improve your DevOps implementation, we have considered how organizations can left-shift security fully into the project design phase and how organizations can establish genuine cross-functional collaboration. In this 3rd of 7 parts, we can now consider how organizations can improve their DevOps implementation with up-front QA. In[…]

True Cross-Functional Collaboration

How to Create Cross-Functional Collaboration

Organizations seeking to improve performance and their bottom line need look no further than improving their DevOps implementation. Based on survey results from more than 27,000 respondents over a six-year period, organizational performance is directly correlated to how well the organization implements a DevOps culture.[1] DevOps yields efficiency and productivity gains which go beyond simple[…]

improve your DevOps implementation

How to Improve your DevOps Implementation

DevOps is to development what the wheel was to transportation – a fundamental game changer. High-performing DevOps teams deploy more frequently, have far faster turn-around times for changes, are much faster at recovering from a disruption, and experience significantly lower failure rates. Furthermore, high-performing DevOps teams are a leading indicator of higher IT performance, which[…]