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ThreatModeler's Joint
Offering With AWS



A New Joint Offering Developed By ThreatModeler™

AWS ProServe Security and Infrastructure

Automate and Accelerate the Design of Secure AWS Cloud Environments
Expedite Workload Migrations to the Cloud With Security Built-In
Build a Threat Modeling Process With AWS Security Epics Guidance

ThreatModeler’s Joint Offering With AWS empowers DevSecOps to achieve security early in the cloud migration design phase. Reduce overall time-cost and effort to fix security issues – from weeks to just a few hours, maximizing efficiency and ROI. This proactive approach reduces time spent on security control decision making, enabling teams to build threat models accurately and quickly design secure applications for Cloud Development Life Cycles (CDLC).

Enable a Self-Service Model to Design, Build and Manage Cloud Security

Design your AWS environment with security built in. DevSecOps can automatically convert an architecture diagram into a threat model with a list of threats and relevant security recommendations for AWS services. The threat model accelerates service adoption, enabling AWS customers to:

Drive Consistency in Security Requirements Across All Application Teams
to Speed Up AWS Service Approval for Production Use

AWS ProServe’s security best practices and learnings, gained from years of experience securing highly regulated enterprise workloads, are output as security requirements in your backlog. ThreatModeler continually helps customers to move production-ready, sensitive and business critical workloads securely to the cloud. It facilitates collaboration amongst stakeholders and provides executive visibility on overall AWS workload security posture.

1 Day
Implementation For ThreatModeler's Joint Offering With AWS
30-Day Accelerated Program to Automate AWS Security Epics Backlog Generation and Scale Secure Migrations to Cloud


A self-service model scales secure CDLCs by automatically converting an architecture diagram into a threat model. Analyze the live AWS environment to validate security controls, ensuring all threats are mitigated. Make security decisions faster.


Automatically build an architecture diagram in under an hour with a list of threats and security recommendations. Jira CI/CD toolchain integration pushes backlog security requirements as issues for Agile sprint execution.


Threat models are continually synchronized with AWS environments using real-time updates. Highlight threat model drift from the live environment via integrations with AWS Config, AWS Security Hub and others.

  • Prioritize security early in your AWS cloud migration.
  • Minimize time spent making decisions on security controls.
  • Build your environment securely, and get the full picture of your attack surface.

Business Outcomes

  • Minimal security knowledge needed to build AWS environments securely with AWS CloudFormation code.  
  • Feedback mechanisms measure security against identified threats via AWS Config, AWS Security Hub and other AWS services.
  • DevSecOps can achieve consistent deployment of complete, security vetted design patterns.
  • Increase sprint and epic velocity with prescriptive guidance from AWS knowledge-bases.
  • Reduce threat modeling expenditures.

How to Automate and Accelerate the Design of
Secure AWS Cloud Environments

Ty Sbano, Chief Security & Trust Office, Sisense

Praveen Nallasamy, Vice President, Cybersecurity at BlackRock
Tom Holodnik, Software Architect, Intuit
Archie Agarwal, Founder and CEO, ThreatModeler
Reef D’Souza, Senior Security Consultant, AWS
Yeukai Sachikonye, Consultant, Engagement Manager of Global Security & Infrastructure Practice, AWS