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Threat Intelligence Framework

Automated threat intelligence software provides real-time updates for faster, more accurate threat modeling

Managing a Threat Intelligence Framework

The threat intelligence framework is a central repository for managing, detecting, and alerting users of potential threats. This is a repeatable and scalable process where security teams can set practical, actionable plans for mitigating any system, application, or network threat in a constantly changing environment.

Building a threat intelligence framework from scratch requires obtaining the most up-to-date threat source information and applying them manually to new threat models. This manual approach quickly turns wasteful as existing security and threat data is rapidly changing and becoming outdated as new threats emerge and current ones evolve.

Keeping a do-it-yourself threat intelligence framework current requires continuous cycles of manual reviews to security processes along with edits to threat data feeds. In the end, creating your own threat intelligence platform is not efficient or scalable.

Automated Threat Intelligence Framework

An automated threat intelligence framework is a security tool that saves businesses time from manual processes while automatically updating threat data in real-time for effective decision making.

ThreatModeler, the industry’s #1 automated threat modeling platform, provides businesses with a comprehensive automated threat intelligence framework from industry vetted sources such as MITRE CAPEC, WASC-TC, OWASP, NVD, and from ThreatModeler’s own research team.

The operations of the framework are efficiently scaled with ThreatModeler’s Central Threat Library. This is a customizable repository which automatically accesses cyber threat intelligence sources and self-updates with the latest real-world data. Users can create their own threat definitions and mitigation controls in the context of their regulatory compliance, industry vertical, and peculiarities of unique cyber ecosystems.

Efficiency is further enhanced as ThreatModeler’s Intelligent Threat Engine automatically draws from the CTL to update each threat model with the relevant threats and associated mitigation data. 

ThreatModeler Threat Intelligence Framework
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Automated Threat Intelligence Framework Benefits

Stay Up-to-Date

Automated threat intel sources for enterprise security and IT are continuously kept up-to-date as new threats emerge and evolve.

Real-time Threat Publishing

As new threats are published, they are automatically added in real-time to the central threat library and applied to existing threat models.

Rapid Detection and Response

Automated threat intelligence provides a rapid assessment of the relevance of existing and new threats against the application portfolio and IT environment.

Reduced Manual Labor

Automated threat detection and intelligence frameworks streamline threat modeling maintenance, reducing cost and time spent on manual efforts.

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