As organizations struggle to maintain support of security initiatives during uncertain times, ThreatModeler is contributing its industry leading technology to embolden the DevSecOps community to continuously prioritize the protection of their applications – in minutes and at no cost. The industry’s leading commercial threat modeling software company has launched ThreatModeler Community Edition. The free, lite version enables organizations to maximize security, and defend IT applications and underlying infrastructure against threats. Developers who are looking for a frictionless, alternative approach to diagramming will really want to take advantage of the Community Edition.

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Why Did ThreatModeler Launch the Community Edition?

In challenging times, security should be second-to-none. That’s what ThreatModeler’s CEO and founder, Archie Agarwal, decided in taking on the Community Edition. Quoted in a recent press release distributed by ThreatModeler, “Security is often considered an afterthought due to the costs associated with it. Insecure applications can lead to costly remediation efforts in the event of a data breach,” he says.

The latest pandemic has compelled the nation’s workforce to stay home, leaving organizations with an expanded attack surface. And with no signs of returning to normal living on the horizon, organizations are beginning to question where to focus resources. ThreatModeler launched a free, lite version of their state-of-the-art threat modeling platform to keep security at the forefront and on the minds of stakeholders. A goal is to ensure that security does not get thrown to the wayside when hackers show no signs of slowing down. According to Agarwal, the Community Edition is intended to bolster and maintain organizational security efforts throughout all aspects of development – from design to delivery.

ThreatModeler Community Edition: DevSecOps Now Has the Option to Choose the Threat Modeling Approach That Best Suits Their Needs

For years, security architects have turned to ThreatModeler for the innovative diagramming functionality that empowers them to visualize their attack surface and target the attack vectors that require immediate security actions. Various stakeholders are oftentimes overwhelmed by the amount of oversight, and potential micromanaging needed to ensure developers are adequately coding security in their applications. With ThreatModeler, as controls are implemented, front loading of threat management frees up resources, allowing security champions to focus on increasing efficiency and accelerating secure product rollouts.

For DevSecOps that prefer the checklist approach, the Community Edition provides free, questionnaire-based functionality. The initiative helps security architects and developers to consider security as early as the design stages. Developers can now gain added autonomy so they can create secure code from the onset.

Organizations can now select the best approach based on their security needs, whether it be diagramming or list-based, or both. Developers can code with confidence realizing that they are producing a secure IT environment.

How the ThreatModeler Questionnaire Approach Works

DevSecOps can use the threat report – exportable as a PDF – to ensure security is built into their code. It will also help teams to communicate their security posture to various stakeholders across the enterprise.

To obtain a report of every threat to your IT environment, simply answer questions posed by ThreatModeler’s intuitive Wizard. The questionnaire generates actionable outputs in less than five minutes. The Community Edition leverages ThreatModeler’s unrivaled Intelligent Threat Engine to identify all the attack surface entry points that can lead to an unauthorized infiltration. The Intelligent Threat Engine compiles threat content from respected, authoritative resources such as OWASP, AWS, CAPEC and the NVD, et al.

The Wizard automatically adjusts in real-time to ensure you are getting an accurate list of threats to your attack surface. No longer do you need to devote hours of time and resources to obtain a list of threats. The list is ranked in order of priority and will enable you to scale security across applications within your enterprise.

Threat Model to Ensure Your Attack Surface Is Free From Cyber Threats

For a decade, ThreatModeler has been leading the cybersecurity industry with a threat modeling platform that introduces collaboration, scalability and third-party integrations. The company continues to introduce new features – including its integrations with AWS as one of their Technology Partners. Users benefit from complete, accurate visualizations of cloud and on-premise architectures. Once created, DevSecOps can prioritize security threats and push out tickets for IT project managers to assign for mitigation through Jira.

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