ThreatModeler – WingMan™

Your New Virtual Security Assistant

Key patented advances in our technology include the integration of Artificial Intelligence directly into our platform building on our vision of ‘1-Click’ threat modeling.

With the introduction of ThreatModeler WingMan™, our new AI Assistant, is now embedded directly into the ThreatModeler platform and leverages our patented Rules Engine and Learning Module and can include organizational customizations. 

ThreatModeler WingMan™ has been designed as a way of making diagramming easier using probabilities and the dynamics of the app being modeled.  ThreatModeler WingMan™ allows Dev and Security teams to spend more time reviewing and addressing the findings of the model and focus on more strategic activities that improve the DevSecOps process flows and guidelines.



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Intelligent help when you need it

Our intelligent ThreatModeler WingMan™ functionality is based on natural language processing and is there to support you all the way through your Threat Model design process.

Users can get contextual help and access to support documentation without the need to raise tickets – thereby improving their own security knowledge and productivity.

If a design or security issue cannot be resolved, ThreatModeler WingMan™ can also raise an appropriate Ticket directly integrated into your toolchain to raise the issue with your Security Team.

Intelligent Component Suggestions

As you start to build your threat model diagram and bring components onto the canvas, ThreatModeler WingMan™ will automatically start offering suggestions for additional components that could be added to the model. Suggestions are based on the analysis of thousands of models or on your own organization’s custom components.

ThreatModeler WingMan™ continues to suggest additional components to your canvas as the context of your model progresses.


Intelligent Path Analysis

In addition to the component suggestions capability, WingMan also offers several other features to fully develop threat models.

The ThreatModeler WingMan™ Intelligent Path Analysis capability can make suggestions on the appropriate trust boundary settings, and logical containers for components as well as recommend the appropriate protocols for connections between components.

Furthermore, ThreatModeler WingMan™ Intelligent Path Analysis can also suggest where to place security controls and identify which components and what threats will be mitigated by the use of that control.



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Intelligent Ticket Submission

ThreatModeler WingMan™ also supports Ticket submission directly from the main screen – so you can submit and monitor service tickets on support issues that you need to raise with your Security and DevSecOps teams,


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ThreatModeler WingMan™

Key patented advances in our technology include the integration of Machine Learning and AI directly into our toolset building on our vision of ‘1-Click’ threat modeling.

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Real Time Collaboration

The ThreatModeler Platform, IaC Assist, and Cloud Modeler tools allows your entire organization to collaborate, review and determine your own risk analysis and ensures that you have a complete view of your security posture and active threat surface – in real-time.

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Enterprise Ready

ThreatModeler V7.0 takes this to the next level with highly flexible, customizable, scalable, and reliable features built for multi-tier, multinational DevSecOps environments.


ThreatModeler revolutionizes threat modeling during the design phase by automatically analyzing potential attack surfaces. Harness our patented functionalities to make critical architectural decisions and fortify your security posture.

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Threat modeling remains essential even after deploying workloads, given the constantly evolving landscape of cloud development and digital transformation. CloudModeler not only connects to your live cloud environment but also accurately represents the current state, enabling precise modeling of your future state

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DevOps Engineers can reclaim a full (security-driven) sprint with IAC-Assist, which streamlines the implementation of vital security policies by automatically generating threat models through its intuitive designer.

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