ThreatModeler’s Platform which includes the ThreatModeler Tool, IaC Assist, and Cloud Modeler tools allows your entire organization to collaborate, review and determine your own risk analysis and ensures that you have a complete view of your security posture and active threat surface – in real-time.

Active features such as real-time version control spanning your entire multi-tier environment allow you to compare different versions of your threat models to see how your attack surface has evolved and whether threats are increasing or decreasing – giving you a true view of your Threat Drift – in real-time.

The level of automation and integration into code repositories, such as GitHub ensures that you have the most up-to-date security requirements, mitigations, and controls in place as well as full audit and compliance capabilities.

ThreatModeler’s IaC-Assist tool allows developers to see changes and updates to GitHub committed ThreatModels as they progress through the design phases and further revisions – saving time and resources on checking differences manually.

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Security from Design-To-Code-To-Cloud at scale.

With one click, IaC-Assist applies the necessary security controls and fixes to your code, transforming it into a more secure state.

IaC-Assist is a powerful IDE plugin that seamlessly integrates with your code development environment and allows engineers to implement security policies and controls without having to leave their coding environment.

IaC-Assist identifies design flaws in code, explains the issue, and provides real-time contextual guidance for revisions. Enabling DevSecOps teams to continuously evaluate their Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) on the fly in order to:

  • Simultaneously eliminate entire security sprints
  • Bring security into the development environment
  • Provide real-time guidance as DevOps teams write Infrastructure-As-Code
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ThreatModeler WingMan™

Key patented advances in our technology include the integration of Machine Learning and AI directly into our toolset building on our vision of ‘1-Click’ threat modeling.

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Real Time Collaboration

The ThreatModeler Platform, IaC-Assist, and CloudModeler tools allow your entire organization to collaborate, review, and determine your own risk analysis and ensure that you have a complete view of your security posture and active threat surface – in real-time.

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Enterprise Ready

ThreatModeler v7.0 takes this to the next level with highly flexible, customizable, scalable, and reliable features built for multi-tier, multinational DevSecOps environments.