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DevSecOps Security DevSecOps

4 Ways Threat Modeling Can Enhance DevOps Security

DevOps – the rapid development and deployment of an organization’s applications and services – plays an integral part in the overall security of critical data. Every change put forth by DevOps teams changes the threat landscape, potentially opening systems up … Read More

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Threat modeling tool for the SDLC

How A Threat Modeling Tool Can Secure the Software Development Process

The primary goal of securing the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is to ensure that requirements are met to prevent security breaches. During the development phase, vulnerabilities and potential threats are identified and tested for security. Application threat modeling is a security … Read More

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Threat modeling Tool SDLC

Why Threat Modeling Tools Are Growing More Popular

Nowadays cybersecurity is part of every existing technology environment, and the need to protect applications is becoming a priority for corporations and enterprises. Discussions on threat detection and prevention are increasing, as well as threat modeling methodologies to identify and … Read More

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Threat Modeling tools

Why a Threat Modeling Tool is a Smart Investment for Enterprises

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for organizations across all industries, and threat modeling tools are a vital component for creating and maintaining a secure environment for growing organizational data. Data breaches and hacks have impacted a growing number of enterprise … Read More

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Cloud Application Attack Surface

Benefits of Understanding Your Cloud Application Attack Surface

For many organizations, moving to the cloud seems like the right decision in today’s digital world. Besides being a faster and more scalable solution, it provides security to enterprises. The overall cloud infrastructure is protected, but when it comes to … Read More

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Cloud threat modeling

Exploring Cloud Threat Modeling: Benefits of a Cloud-Native Architecture

The number of enterprises shifting to cloud platforms is increasing daily. As companies redefine their strategies developing cloud-native architectures, the need to protect their data when migrating to cloud environments upsurges. Cloud threat modeling is known as the best approach … Read More

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Attack Surface Analysis

How Attack Surface Analysis Provides CISOs a Holistic View of Security

The key to maintaining cybersecurity throughout an organization is knowledge. To secure an organization’s network, CISOs must have a comprehensive, all-inclusive view of the technological environment, and attack surface analysis can help them to achieve this. An attack surface describes … Read More

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Attack Surface Threat Modeling

3 Ways to Scale Down Your Attack Surface

With cyber attacks becoming more prominent and frequent, attack surface reduction should be a crucial part of every organization’s priority list. In a software environment, an attack surface is defined as the total sum of vulnerabilities exposed in and out of … Read More

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Cloud Security Cloud Threat Modeling

Enhancing Cloud Security with Cloud Threat Modeling

The 21st century has seen many significant technological advancements in the cross-section of digitalization and cloud security. As more valuable data is being stored and used to make data-driven decisions, its protection against internal misuse and fraudulent external access is … Read More

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Threat Modeling Tool

Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Threat Modeling Tool

With cyber attacks becoming more frequent each year, cybersecurity teams need the most reliable approach to protect the security of their applications. By implementing a threat modeling tool in the design phase, organizations can identify potential risks and create countermeasures … Read More

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