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Intelligent Threat Engine

The Intelligent Threat Engine Automated Threat Modeling Tool

The industry’s #1 automated threat modeling tool for enterprise-wide security collaboration

The #1 Threat Modeling Tool for Identifying Security Threats

The need for an automated, collaborative threat modeling tool is clear. Traditionally, security subject matter experts perform threat modeling with whiteboards or diagramming tools. The manual process requires additional inputs from domain experts who have deep knowledge of the application, system, or device being analyzed, and from those with a thorough understanding of the inner-workings of those systems’ components and protocols. Resource and time intensive, the resultant traditional process often ends up being an academic exercise, yielding a static document with little real-world value in an era of agile and DevOps development and high-speed iterative CI/CD pipelines.

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Intelligent Threat Engine (ITE)

ThreatModeler™ is the first solution to introduce an automated threat modeling system for threat modeling specifically designed for today’s demanding IT environments. The heart of this solution - the Intelligent Threat Engine (ITE) – utilizes functional information from the application’s or system’s architectural components to automatically identify all the relevant, applicable threats to each component. It makes actionable the real-world, real-time threat intelligence contained in ThreatModeler’s Centralized Threat Library. As the ITE identifies relevant threats, it also gathers the associated security requirements, test cases, threat agents, code review guidelines, and code snippets to provide all the necessary information needed for prioritizing threat mitigation efforts and reducing organizational risk. The ITE automatically updates each threat model with changes to application or system architecture, newly discovered or modified threats, or other modifications to the IT environment as recorded in the Centralized Threat Library. Through the IDE, threat models stay current with each iteration through the CI/CD or change in the threat landscape, identifying security threats automatically.

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With the Intelligent Threat engine, you’re able to:

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency by automatically identifying security threats

Classify Threats Quickly

Classify threats according to risk to efficiently develop a prioritized mitigation strategy

Actionable Results

Provides consistent, concrete, and actionable outputs with correlation of multiple information feeds

Leverage Automation

Automatically gather the relevant security and testing requirements