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ThreatModeler Academy

ThreatModeler Software Inc. is proud to announce our ThreatModeler Academy!

About ThreatModeler Academy

We take the role of education in the Technology sphere very seriously. What differentiates us from other companies is our commitment to clients and partners to provide high quality content and valuable information aside from a top level service that comes with our out-of-the-box threat modeling platform

ThreatModeler Academy is the next step to becoming an expert in the most advanced and automated threat modeling platform in the industry. We take pride in building a community of expert educators ready to prepare you for the complex world of securing applications, preventing and mitigating risks and threats.

Each of our modules were designed to create an interactive e-learning experience for each of our academy students. We offer three different learning paths to meet each of your requirements. Our mission is to provide a top level training with the leaders in Threat Modeling so you can successfully build a scalable threat modeling process in no time!

ThreatModeler Academy Learning Paths

Our academy was created with three different learning paths each designed for different roles:

  • Administrator
  • CISO/Executive/Manager
  • Developer/Security Architect