Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

The ThreatModeler platform is the industry’s #1 automated threat modeling solution that enables a repeatable and scalable threat modeling process enterprise-wide. Through ThreatModeler’s easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, threat data is presented in a format that is clear, concise, and actionable with role-based accessibility on a self-serve basis. Security team expertise is there by scaled across all stakeholder functions, allowing enterprise-wide collaboration on the prioritization and management of risk across the entire IT ecosystem. ThreatModeler’s unique architecturally-based framework also allows organizations to analyze and manage their comprehensive attack surface, including upstream threats and downstream impacts.

We are looking for experienced and ambitious Threat Research Engineer to join our team


– Research current and emerging threats affecting modern software and hardware components

-Investigate applicable industry frameworks and standards for the inclusion in the Threat Framework

-Managing strategic projects related to threat research to expand the current capability set of the libraries maintained by the platform

-Strategize and implement product requirements through cross-functional collaboration including but not limited to Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Software Engineering and Support Teams

-Performing research on IoT devices and Hardware Modules to build IoT Threat library

-Researching on the common ARM and Intel Processors and their architecture for vulnerabilities and the latest version patches for firmware.

-Generating list of Security Requirements and Controls by referring CAPEC and OWASP

-Studying various cloud and IoT environment architectures and building threat model templates

– Collaborate with product and customer success teams to ensure specific requirements are met

–       Ability to work well independently and as part of a larger team

–       Excellent written communications skills in English


–       MS in Computer Science or a related discipline *or* a BS plus 2 years of work experience

–       Hands-on experience with one or more cloud computing platforms, e.g., Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google CGP

–       Interest in and desire to learn cybersecurity

–       Threat modeling, application security, and cloud security experience a major plus

–       Software Development experience a plus

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