ThreatModeler AppSec Edition

Ideal for companies migrating from tactical threat modeling tools to a strategic, fully integrated threat modeling solution.

ThreatModeler AppSec Edition Key Features

ThreatModeler™ Integrations

Our bi-directional API gives you the ability to leverage your existing investments in technologies such as JIRA and Jenkins – if it’s part of your DevOps and CI/CD toolchain, you want it to be part of your threat modeling process.

DevOps Dashboard

Integrated threat modeling produces living documents with which you can track and understand your threat portfolio across the entire DevOps workflow and through each iteration through the CI/CD pipeline.

Threat Model the Full IT Ecosystem

Threat model everything in your IT ecosystem including web, cloud, mobile, IoT, industrial controls and other cyber-physical systems at the speed and scale of your DevOps production environment.

TMT & VISIO Migration

Migration of your existing threat models from TMT and VISIO into ThreatModeler™ so you don't lose previous work.

Intelligent Threat Engine

ThreatModeler’s automated Intelligent Threat Engine and Threat Framework enables security vendors to significantly reduce the time to threat model client applications and increase the scope of threat modeling across the client’s full IT ecosystem

Public Cloud Deployment

ThreatModeler™ can be deployed to AWS or Azure to be streamlined with your existing business needs. However your CI/CD pipeline works, DevOps and threat modeling work hand-in-hand with ThreatModeler™.

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7 Steps to Building a Scalable Threat Modeling Process

Our AppSec solution provides an integrated threat modeling platform that seamlessly communicates with your existing DevOps toolchain or CICD pipeline. ThreatModeler™ is the industry’s #1 Application Security integrated threat modeling solution which enables automated, repeatable, and scalable threat modeling for end-to-end security enterprise-wide. The benefits and features of our DevOps and Threat Modeling Framework are numerous and provide substantial ROI and enhanced competitive advantage.

Why is ThreatModeler AppSec Edition important for DevOps?

ThreatModeler Appsec Edition allows organizations realize significantly faster development, increased frequency of deployments, improved release dependability, and improved alignment with business objectives. DevOps not only improves the organization’s IT system – it improves operations and profitability organization-wide.

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