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ThreatModeler Enterprise

Drive end-to-end security and risk reduction throughout your entire cyber ecosystem, no matter how extensive or complex

Enterprise-Wide Collaborative Threat Modeling

ThreatModeler™ Enterprise is a turn-key, collaborative threat modeling solution for organizations wanting mature, comprehensive threat modeling program. With ThreatModeler Enterprise, you receive all of the benefits of ThreatModeler DevOps plus additional features for enterprise-wide, cross-functional collaborative threat modeling!

Unlimited User Access

Grant your entire organization access to ThreatModeler™ Enterprise provides consistent, concrete, and actionable collaborative threat modeling outputs for CISOs, architects, developers, and other SDLC stakeholders.

On-Premise or Cloud Deployment

Deploy ThreatModeler™ for the way your organization works and in a way that’s fully compliant with your security and compliance needs. ThreatModeler Enterprise can be deployed to a private or public AWS or Azure cloud, or installed as an on-premises solution. It's completely up to you!

Unlimited Threat Models

Collaborative threat modeling with unlimited volume to meet needs of even the most sophisticated organizations.

All ThreatModeler™ Platform Updates

Your ThreatModeler™ Platform will always be current with automatic updates.

ThreatModeler™ Integrations

Leverage your existing security investments in technologies such as JIRA, Qualys, and Nexpose – if it’s part of your IT security toolchain, you want it to be part of your collaborative threat modeling process.

Quick Start Implementation

Get up and running in minutes with our Quick Start Implementation - plus get the training and services you need to make the most of ThreatModeler™.

CISO Dashboards

The CISO dashboard intelligently collates and summarizes the entire threat model portfolio to give CISOs and other security leaders enterprise wide, real-time situational visibility into the organization’s security and risk status.

Best Practice Customization and Methodology

ThreatModeler™ Enterprise is not just a collaborative threat modeling tool – it is a turn-key security solution including support and training to help you implement threat modeling best practices.

Monthly Content Updates

The frequently updated Centralized Threat Library and ThreatModeler’s Intelligent Threat Engine automatically update the entire threat model portfolio relative to the evolving threat landscape and changing IT environment.

Premium Level Support

Whether you need help solving a complex issue or just want to ask a question, ThreatModeler Enterprise users have priority access to our expert support team.

Scaling with threat model templates and collaborative threat modeling

ThreatModeler Enterprise

That's right. Every capability we have to offer in a single solution that fits the needs of even the largest organization. Our Enterprise solution is our all-you-can-eat model fit for the most comprehensive security and development programs. ThreatModeler™ is the industry’s #1 collaborative threat modeling solution, enabling automated, repeatable, and scalable threat modeling for mature, comprehensive security management and risk reduction. The benefits and features of our Enterprise Threat Modeling Framework are numerous, and providing organizations with substantial ROI, actionable threat intelligence, and real-time situational visibility.

ThreatModeler – Enterprise Threat Modeling Framework

ThreatModeler™ Enterprise is an annual subscription based licensed software model that includes unlimited users, with pricing based on the number of threat models to be built by the customer. Through ThreatModeler’s easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting, threat data is presented in a format that is clear, concise, and actionable, so security teams can effectively prioritize and manage risk across the full application portfolio and IT stack. And, by enabling collaboration between all stakeholders, ThreatModeler™ establishes a framework for organizations to build secure applications from the ground up, saving valuable time, money, and resources associated with fixing vulnerabilities in production.

Collaborative threat modeling
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