ThreatModeler Cloud

Lift & Shift or Design Cloud Native With Security in Mind

Secure and Scale the Enterprise Software and CDLC

ThreatModeler supports the creation of threat models for all cloud environments. Automatically create threat models from the beginning of the Cloud Development Life Cycle (CDLC) to ensure security is built in. Out-of-the-box, ThreatModeler supports AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Provider (GCP).

ThreatModeler Cloud Key Features

Automated Threat Modeling with Accelerator (Patent Pending)

Build threat models for your cloud environments in just a few steps using ThreatModeler’s patent pending Accelerator feature. ThreatModeler also updates your threat model on a periodic basis, keeping it in sync with your cloud environment. Additionally it automatically validates the security configurations for you.

Auto Threat Mitigation

Scan your cloud environment and ensure all the required security controls and requirements are implemented to secure your architecture. Based on the results of your threat model, automatically mitigate identified threats.

Built In Compliance Frameworks

ThreatModeler now supports well-known regulatory standards such as ISO, EU GDPR and PCI. Learn about your architecture’s compliance requirements right at the beginning of your CDLC. Keep track of compliance progress and drill down on specific standards for your threat models.

Onboard Architect

Design accurate, correct threat models with the patented Onboard Architect feature, which guides you through the process of building cloud architectures securely. Define your own custom rules with actionable security requirements to deploy the architecture based on your specific needs.

Integration with CI/CD Pipeline

Leverage your existing technology investments such as JIRA and Jenkins using our seamless CI/CD toolchain integration and bi-directional API. Adapt and evolve with the infrastructure through our sustainable threat modeling process.


Stay on top of risk management by knowing the what, why and how to secure your architecture. Drill into your data assets to uncover threats and understand the steps needed for mitigation. Gain intelligent insights and communicate them across DevOps so that security architects, developers and CISOs understand the actionable outputs needed to achieve security.

5 Steps to Building a Scalable Threat Modeling Program for the Cloud

ThreatModeler allows organizations to design the architecture diagram for their cloud workload. To ensure that potential threats are identified, the threat modeling process must be methodical. Using a task list will help security experts achieve a consistent level of test exposure and proper completeness of a threat model. ThreatModeler Cloud is a annual subscription based licensed software model that includes unlimited users.

Build Threat Models for Cloud Environments

ThreatModeler is officially integrated with AWS Security Hub, and provides an automated, structured approach to threat modeling for AWS and Azure environments. This cloud friendly platform allows organizations to build threat models from pre-defined templates of various AWS or Azure architectures or even create a threat model using a wizard plugin in just a couple of minutes.

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