ThreatModeler Cloud Edition

Lift & Shift or Design Cloud Native With Security in Mind

ThreatModeler Cloud Edition Key Features

Automated Threat Models for Cloud Environments

ThreatModeler integrates with cloud service providers and automatically builds threat modeling programs using cloud configuration data

Cloud-Native Security Framework

ThreatModeler™ provides a comprehensive toolbox with specific security controls that apply to the AWS environment. This feature saves time and effort to organizations when creating their own security controls.

Reusable Templates

Build threat models from pre-defined templates of various cloud native architectures in a few minutes

Integration with CICD Pipeline

Our bi-directional API gives you the ability to leverage your existing investments in technologies such as JIRA & Jenkins – if it’s part of your DevOps and CI/CD toolchain, you want it to be part of your threat modeling process.

Continuous Monitoring

ThreatModeler continuously monitors threat models for cloud environments, intelligently notifying users of updates and changes.

ThreatModeler Assist

ThreatModeler allows users to define a communication flow between components. This out-of-the-box threat modeling platform makes sure users are building the proper architecture diagrams for cloud infrastructures

Monthly Content Updates

Keep data exposure current with frequent Threat Library updates that automatically synchronize any new threats with existing threat models.

Standard Level Support

ThreatModelerTM users have access support portal to submit tickets, access forums & customer success knowledge base.

5 Steps to Building a Scalable Threat Modeling Program for the Cloud

ThreatModeler allows organizations to design the architecture diagram for their cloud workload. To ensure that potential threats are identified, the threat modeling process must be methodical. Using a task list will help security experts achieve a consistent level of test exposure and proper completeness of a threat model. ThreatModeler Cloud Edition is a annual subscription based licensed software model that includes unlimited users.

Building Threat Models for Cloud Environments

ThreatModeler – an official AWS Technology partner – provides an automated, structured approach to threat modeling for AWS and Azure environments. This cloud friendly platform allows organizations to build threat models from pre-defined templates of various AWS or Azure architectures or even create a threat model using a wizard plugin in just a couple of minutes.

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