White Paper: DevSecOps

Blueprint for Cybersecurity — Achieve Security by Design in 30 Days

Download our complimentary white paper to learn how to implement a DevSecOps program.

Organizations are taking proactive steps to place security (Sec) front-and-center within development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) environments. DevSecOps makes security everyone’s responsibility across the enterprise. DevSecOps shifts security left and embeds it as early as the planning stages. There are numerous advantages to implementing security into the software architecture process, including maximized efficiency, data breach cost savings and a faster response to changes, e.g. in customer needs. 

In this white paper, you will learn how to:

  • Implement security measures that can keep up with demands of the agile CI/CD pipeline
  • Achieve flexibility and scalability with DevSecOps in the cloud
  • Use ThreatModeler and other automation tools to drive security by design in DevSecOps
Get the White Paper: Blueprint to Achieving DevSecOps in 30 Days
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