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Welcome, we are pleased to announce our Advanced Technology Partnership with AWS. We are a leader in automated threat modeling, enabling enterprises to identify, prioritize and mitigate threats. ThreatModeler provides businesses with the power to make informed security decisions within the cloud. We will help your organization to achieve a “shift left,” “secure by design” approach to SDLC through efficient, reliable threat modeling.


Reduce time-cost expenditures on threat modeling by up to 85%. Accelerator scans your AWS VPC and builds threat models in one-click. Assist provides continuous updates to existing threat models matching your AWS environments.


ThreatModeler's seamless Integration with IT ticketing solutions takes the guesswork out of building threat models. Audit Trail gives you the ability to always know who has worked on your threat model. Stay updated on all changes made.


Put communication front-and-center so collaborators can track threat mitigation, and comment with date and timestamps. With Workflow, send the threat model to your supervisor for approval. Keep your supervisor updated on changes.


Collateral Damage of PII
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AWS is an Advanced Technology Partner with AWS

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