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ThreatModeler Standard Edition

Ideal for companies just getting started with threat modeling.

Just getting started or new to automated threat modeling?

The Standard Edition gives you more than 25 threat model licenses to kick start your automated threat modeling program. With the Standard Edition of ThreatModeler™, you receive all of the benefits:

Unlimited User Access

Grant your entire organization access to ThreatModeler™. We won't pretend to understand who you need to involve in your process, so we don’t limit you to a number of user seats.

Threat Model the Full IT Ecosystem

Efficiently build threat models of everything in your IT ecosystem including web, cloud, mobile, IoT, industrial controls, and other cyber-physical systems.

AWS & Azure Threat Libraries

ThreatModeler™ comes "out of the box" with the full AWS and Azure component libraries – with the relevant threats and security requirements pre-mapped – to get your automated threat modeling of your cloud environments up and running fast .

Public Cloud Deployment

ThreatModeler can be deployed to AWS or Azure to be streamlined with your existing business needs. It's completely up to you!

Monthly Content Updates

Stay on top of your data exposure with frequent Centralized Threat Library updates that automatically synchronize any new threats with existing threat models.

All ThreatModeler Platform Updates

Your automated threat modeling platform stays up to date with the most current ThreatModeler™ version.

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ThreatModeler Standard Edition

Just getting started? The Standard Edition gives you more than 25 threat model licenses to kick start your security and architecture process. ThreatModeler™ is the industry’s #1 automated threat modeling solution that enables an automated, repeatable, scalable threat modeling process enterprise-wide. The benefits and features of our Enterprise Threat Modeling Framework are numerous and provide substantial ROI.

ThreatModeler Framework

ThreatModeler is an annual, subscription-based, licensed software model that includes unlimited users. The subscription pricing is based on the number of threat models to be built by the customer. Through ThreatModeler’s easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting, threat data is presented in a format that is clear, concise, and actionable, so security teams can prioritize and manage risk across the full application portfolio as efficiently as possible. And, by enabling collaboration between all stakeholders, ThreatModeler™ establishes a framework for organizations to build secure applications from the ground up and left-shift security all the way to the initial whiteboarding stage. ThreatModeler™ saves organizations valuable time, money, and resources associated with fixing vulnerabilities in production.

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