September 18, 2016

Threat Modeling Tool

ThreatModeler™ is the world’s most powerful, platform independent, web-based threat modeling tool currently available. It enables organizations to create an end-to-end practice across all applications and IT infrastructure. Development teams benefit from the developer-oriented process flow diagrams (PFD) that allow them to build detailed application threat models (ATM). Infrastructure teams benefit from operational threat models (OTM) that address an enterprise’s unique security concerns from an end-to-end data flow perspective.

ThreatModeler™ is specifically designed to:

  • Allow software architects and development teams working within an Agile development methodology to create and utilize application threat models on a self-service basis;
  • Allows the operations team to quickly build operational threat models specific to their needs from an end-to-end data flow perspective;
  • Seamlessly integrate with the existing toolchain and workflow across the entire SDLC process;
  • Automate the identification, enumeration, and prioritization of potential threats based on real-world intelligence and the organization’s risk mitigation policies;
  • Provide organizations the ability to scale their threat modeling initiative across hundreds, or even thousands, of threat models;
  • Maximize collaboration across all organizational stakeholders;
  • Provide actionable, concrete, and consistent output according to the specific needs of each stakeholder group.

The Enterprise Level Threat Modeling Tool

Threat Modeling Tool - ThreatModeler - Schedule Free DemoThreatModeler™ provides the comprehensive set of actionable outputs required for any secure SDLC initiative. The intuitive interface is easy to master for all stakeholders, regardless of their level of security expertise, allowing any user to provide the functional information about the application or system to be threat modeled. The innovative Intelligent Threat Engine (ITE) automatically analyzes the functional information. With just a click, a list of identified and potential threats – ranked by risk – is provided along with a list of mitigating security controls and test cases.

Updating threat models across the entire threat model portfolio as applications and IT systems are modified or as new relevant threats are identified, can be accomplished with a single click. Users need only provide the updated information and the tool automatically updates all threat models enterprise-wide.

The ThreatModeler™ platform allows users to build and reuse threat models, templates, and components in a collaborative manner. Organizations may then leverage the platform to scale their practice across hundreds, even thousands, of threat models without an excessive increase in security resources.

This is the first enterprise-level threat modeling tool capable of displaying threat analytics in multiple ways. Its Threat Analytics dashboard provides senior managers with a high-level, top-down, perspective on threats, including the organization’s top 10 threats. The output data can be drilled down to the level of specific threats and their source. Facing a daily increasing number of threats relevant to an organization, CISOs and their teams will leverage analytic outputs to efficiently identify, classify, and prioritize relevant threats and mitigate the related risks.

These are a few of the reasons why this the preeminent threat modeling tool in a rapidly maturing field. With significant integrated technological advances exceeding those of any other threat modeling tool, it is the only product of its kind available today.

Key Features of ThreatModeler™

  • Centralized Threat Library – Integrated within the platform to compile and consolidate real-world threat intelligence from reputable industry sources – including WASC-TC, CAPEC, and the OWASP Top 10 – into a comprehensive centralized threat library (CTL). Cataloged threats are risk-categorized using industry standard risk ratings. The library is updated by MyAppSecurity regularly.
  • Automation – The automated tool revolutionizes the traditional approach by automatically building threat models from the functional information users provide about their applications and systems. Unlike other threat modeling tools, ThreatModeler’sTM outputs are actionable, consistent, and concrete. Moreover, stakeholders benefit from significant cost savings, better structure, and higher-quality threat analysis, compared to the traditional approach.
  • Intelligent Threat Engine (ITE) – Integrated within the tool to provide exceptional functionality. This innovation is built upon years of experience in information security and creating threat models. The ITE automatically analyzes threat models and predicts where potential threats exist. The ITE then ranks identified threats by risk and generates abuse cases.
  • Threat Analytics Dashboards and Reporting – Integrated within the tool, the Threat Analytics dashboard will display concise, real-time metrics at a glance. The Threat Analytics dashboard provides a cumulative view of all threats across the application portfolio and allows users to trace an individual threat back to its origin. Also, Also, the ThreatModeler™ platform provides a list of the top 10 threats faced by the enterprise. This list is updated each time users make a change to any threat model. Executives and their teams can thereby prioritize their mitigation strategies. And, with the informational report, including Data Exposure and Threat Portfolio, they can stay ahead of the information security risks faced by their organization.

Benefits of the ThreatModeler™ Platform

  • Automated and scalable across the entire SDLC initiative
  • Predictive, actionable, concrete, and consistent output
  • Real-time, real-world threat intelligence
  • Cascading synchronization of new threats within existing threat models
  • Consolidation of threat data from independent industry sources and libraries
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • Automated abuse case construction
  • Role-based, stratified access control
  • Real-time collaboration with all stakeholders across the entire organization
  • Threat Tracer, Threat Tree, and Threat Profiler integrated tools
  • Web-based and platform-independent threat modeling tool
  • Comprehensive Bi-directional Web Services API

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