realistic modeling

ThreatModeler vs. TMT – Realistic Modeling

In our previous articles comparing ThreatModeler™ and Microsoft’s Threat Modeling Tool (TMT), we considered the tools from an AppSec perspective and the CISO’s perspective. In this installment, we compare the capacity of each threat modeling tool to provide outputs based on realistic modeling of a modern enterprise IT environment as embodied by an online banking[…]

Outputs Beyond AppSec

ThreatModeler vs. TMT – Outputs Beyond AppSec

Threat modeling has a well-proven capacity to provide agile DevOps teams a “security heads-up,” during project design, especially in cases application security is a critical priority. In our previous article comparing Microsoft’s Threat Modeling Tool (TMT) to ThreatModeler™, we considered several key factors to securing applications at the speed and scale of modern DevOps teams.[…]

threat modeling outputs needed

Getting the Threat Modeling Outputs Needed

Many security professionals are die-hard Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool (TMT) fans. After all, it is free, and there are no limits from Microsoft on the number of users or threat models you are allowed to make. Moreover, perhaps most importantly – they have been using TMT since they were first introduced to threat modeling. TMT[…]