Collateral Damage Fallout

Collateral Damage Fallout from Equifax

Two out of the big three US credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion – have experienced a significant breach of consumer data in the last two years. On September 2015, Experian reported a breach[1] in which more than 15 million consumer records containing critical information including addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth. More[…]

Credit Card POS System Reader - Credit Card Data Breach

The Enterprise-Level Collateral Damage of a Credit Card Data Breach

Much of the public discussion on cybersecurity and compromised identities has centered on consideration of a credit card data breach – to the point where the public barely raises an eyebrow over new incidences. And indeed, most credit card issuers have become very efficient at detecting fraudulent activity over the past few years so that[…]